Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY-Side Table Makeover

Okay, on to today's post!....this weekend's DIY project was very rewarding. This past July I was visiting both sets of parents in NY. Like always, I was on a hunt for some items I could use in my own home. I went to some boutiques and stores with the moms, but didn't want to spend a fortune on the items I did find. Next, it was a hunt around the parents homes!

Look what I found in my parents attic!......

My dad said that he bought it at a yard sale for like $5.00. I told him I would pay him $10! HA! He just gave it to me instead. SCORE!

So my thought was to use this one as a side table in my Master Bedroom Makeover. The rest of the trip I was on a hunt for a second side table for the Hubs side of the bed. I needed something a little smaller and preferably with a drawer to hide all his CRAP stuff he leaves on our current side table.

My mother-in-law went with me to the flea market and to a couple of shops, but no such luck. I told her that I wanted a table like the one she had on her screened in porch. (which was cute and had 2 small drawers) She told me that I could just have hers because she didn't use it much and didn't want the hassle of keeping up with the painting every couple of years. So she insisted that I have the little beauty.

So needless to say, I made out with two awesome FREE side tables for the bedroom. Not too shabby huh?

This weekend was the weekend to finally make these tables GRAND!

First, I took the drawer pulls off of the one side table and gave it a good wipe down with mild soap and water.

Then, I used a liquid sander to get all of the access paint and stain off of both tables. It worked quite well and it even gave the tables a little roughing up so that the new paint would be able to stick well.

Next, it was time to start painting! I used a High gloss white spray paint from Home Depot. I sprayed one coat on each table and let it set over night.

The next morning, I use a 400 grit sand paper to sand down the top where the spray paint wasn't even. I wiped the dust off and sprayed a second coat of the glossy white spray paint. This time I only waited a couple of hours and then went back over a few rough spots with 400 grit sand paper.

That night, I gave each table a finished look by applying Clear-High Lustre Coating Spray Paint. I also gave the new drawer pulls a little makeover.....they were shiny gold before.

And the finished product........TABLE 1!!!!

And for TABLE 2!!!!........

And Of Course a little BEFORE AND AFTER



What do you think of the transformation?
I am totally pumped to have another item checked off the Master Bedroom Makeover List!

What DIY projects did you accomplish this weekend? Any of them blogworthy? Send me some pictures!

Come back tomorrow for some great Fall Decorating Ideas!

Amy ©

Wayward Weekend


  1. Cute tables! I wish my dad went thrift shopping and just passed over his gems to me! Loving the owl too! Thanks for visiting our site! Oh did you have a post about the similar chair you mentioned?

  2. They look absolutely amazing! And I love your vignette with the owl...that is really cute!

  3. Thanks for the advice on this Amy! I will be attempting this sometime soon. Be on call... I may need some tips & encouragement!

  4. Great tables! I love both of them!

  5. I love the little vases with flowers I love flowers and want more real ones around my house. I have done good with my kitchen but small vases and a walk with my kids would do wonderful. Thanks.


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