Thursday, September 15, 2011

Striped Walls-Boys Bedroom

My friend recruited me this past weekend to help her with her son’s bedroom walls. She just recently had the bedroom painted all one color. It looks like this:

It is really a darling room with lots of great storage for her son's toys.

She wants to paint stripes around the whole room in a specific pattern. She does NOT want to paint stripes from the top of the room to the bottom. Here are her stripe options:

I told her that she couldn't go wrong with any of these! My favorite is….

I feel that too many size stripes would become too confusing in a space this size. You wouldn't get to enjoy all the other design elements in the room because the stripes would take away from that.

The color palette she chose:

Great choice of color for a ten-year-old boy! It can stay with him for a long while. are probably thinking: "What does she need help with, it looks great!??" Well...she wanted my opinion on what pattern was my favorite and where to exactly place the stripes. How far up?, How far down the wall they should go?, How wide should each stripe be?, etc.

Her son's room has very tall ceilings with a peak on either side of the room. It was a very tricky decision. You wouldn't want to put the stripes up too high because they would get lost in the atmosphere and wouldn't bring much of a design element to the space.  You also wouldn't want the stripes too low either. The furniture would end up hiding them.

My suggestion was to have the top edge of the top stripe match the molding at the top of the doors. (Yep those are a lot of "tops"!) This looked like the right height. As you enter the room, the stripes would pop out as an accent to the rest of the space. I also suggested that the height of the stripes combined together should be at least 2 feet. If they were any smaller, they would get eaten up in such a large space. The stripes would look more like a border than a grand statement. If you went farther down than 2 feet, that also would make an impact on the room, but you wouldn't want them so long that, yet again, they would get lost with the rest of the furniture in the room.

Here are a few examples I sent over to her to help with the decision making:

I can’t wait to see what she decides and what the room ends up looking like!
Thanks Staci for letting me share your son's awesome space! 

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Anyone else ready??

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  1. My husband and I LOOVVEE the stripes and how they turned out. It looks PERFECT! We also have a little boy and would like to do the exact same thing. Can you share the exact make and colors of the colors your friend and her son chose?



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