Friday, September 2, 2011

Fab Friday

It is FINALLY FRIDAY! Can I get a....Wha What?

I am very excited that there is a long weekend ahead. I have always loved Labor Day. It means...time to unwind from the crazy Summer and move into a slower paced Fall. (we can only wish right?) I am sure getting excited for Fall! I can almost smell it in the air.....ummm pumkins, cider, leaves, soups and inside projects!

I always wondered why it was called Labor Day? Why not call it non-labor day? I mean we are suppose to take the day off...right? Well anyway....onto Fabulous Friday!

I am ending the summer Fab Friday with a Bang! Lots of fabulous "Bling" to look at this week. Enjoy!


 A little plaid never hurt no one!


        Fuschia Pillows-Retro Chic!                                        Fuschia Pump                  

        Love this green & white pillow!                                    Green open-toe wedge

             Funky Orange Zimba Pillow                                         Orange Flats

            Lipstick Red Parrot Pillow                                My FAB Favorite of the week!

A Long weekend = Lots of great projects to accomplish! Join me next week to see all my completed projects!

Hope you have a fantastic (non) Laboring weekend!

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