Thursday, September 1, 2011

Headboard Ideas

I received a comment the other day from a follower:

 “I have a special request for a project ... I need ideas for headboards. I have 2 guest bedrooms w/full-size beds but the rooms are not that big, so I don't want large beds that take up a lot of space. Got any ideas for creative, cheap, DIY headboard solutions?”

Boy oh Boy do I have some great ideas! There are so many creative headboards out there! Here are a few that I have found:

I love the classic diamond tuffted headboard.
I wouldn't mind trying to DIY one myself!

How about this gorgeous Fabric Panel Headboard? This would be so easy to make. I would guess they used 1 1/2 foot plywood. Then they cut foam or batting and glued it down to the board. Then they wrapped each square with fabric. So Fun!

Look at this creative beauty! You could go to your local hardware store and have them cut the size headboard that you need. Then you can use chalk board paint to add a fun decorative touch! So Neat! Why didn't I think of that?

This one is also pretty creative! Just add a decal to the wall in place of a headboard!

Sweet! Metal Roofing Headboard! Totally adds some glam to the space!

I really really LOVE this one! Reclaimed wood is so in!

These headboards are actually part of the wall! The wainscotting and ledge really give it a homey feel! Just beautful!

How about this DIY painted headboard?
This headboard adds so much color to this room!

This is definitely one of my Favorites! Framed Fabric Headboard! How easy is this? Find some fabulous fabric that goes with your room decor and frame it. You could take the pattern verticle, like the picture, or you could go horizontal if your room was larger!

Picket Fence Headboard...very Shabby Chic!

Last...but definitely not least! The door headboard. I know many DIYers that find old doors at flea markets and make them into beauties like these!

How about all of you? Have you done any DIY headboards that are blog worthy? I would love to see and hear about them!

Hope I gave all of you a little inspiration! I know I am inspired....I just might try one of these great projects myself. You never know.

I also found most of these awesome pics on pinterest. If you haven't joined this fabulous might not want to! HA! Why?....because it is so incredibly addicting..thats why!

Tomorrow is Fri-Tahy!

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