Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Calypso Blue Door Feature & Paint Color Ideas

I was contacted by Jena from Involving color today to let me know that my Calypso Blue door was featured on her website!! I thought I would be sick of the color by now, but I am still absolutely smitten with it!

Involving Color is a great site if you are trying to pick a color for any room in your home. Jena features all different spaces on her blog each day. The colors range from bright to neutral, gray to yellow, pink to green!

You can browse by color, room or brand.

Benjamin Moore Whale Gray & Natural White

If you see a paint chip color that you are thinking about for a space in your home, go and check out Jena's site first to see if she has the color featured. It might give you an idea of how the color really looks in a real space.

Behr Precious Emerald

I know I always have a hard time picking paint colors for my own home. I have used her site many times to see how the paint color may change once it is up on the walls.

Benjamin Moore Peony

How do you decide on a paint color? Do you use a special gadget like Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer?

P.S. Sherwin Williams is having their summer sale right now! May 19-27th.... 30% off!


  1. What a genius blog idea! I'm the worst at picking out colors from paint chips. They just never translate they way I think they should.

    1. I hear ya! She doesn't have every color, but I really do like what she has on her blog. It has helped me visualize what I would like to do with some rooms in my house. Hope you are having a great week!


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