Monday, May 13, 2013

My Recent Finds {Thrifting, HomeGoods & More!}

Wow! Monday already?
We are back from our little mini vacation to the beach. If you have been following me on Instagram you would have seen some major relaxing last week! I am thankful for our guest bloggers that helped me keep this blog running. We will have to continue our "Dream Home" series later this summer.

Have you all been trying to save a little money like I have? We have been trying to be a little thrifty over here and because of that I have been trying to find some deals for our home. I search high and low to find items that I not only love, but will also work with my home decor.

I have to be honest....I am not a big thrift store person. Mostly because I walk in there and just see junk. I have never scored an amazing deal like many of you. Maybe I am going to the wrong stores! That being said...I walked into our local thrift/antique store a couple of weeks ago and found a few items that I could call my own!

How adorable is this brass swan? I am not sure where I am going to put her, but I think she would fit perfectly in a nursery someday or even on the shelves in my home office.

Someone seriously worked hard when making this wooden Jack. Wouldn't this be adorable painted a bright color!? I have an idea in mind.

The Hub's and I also decided to try out an estate sale in hopes of scoring an antique dresser. By the time we got our act together all of the big furniture was already sold. BUT...I did find these vintage children's books.
The looking Glass & Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

You all know that I have been trying to work on the Hub's office. Well it is almost complete with just a few more touches like: Window treatments, a giant white board and a cow hide rug. 

I did find this natural Jute pouf from HomeGoods for his office. I love how it breaks up the dark furniture and adds some texture to the space. And with the $30 price tag...not too shabby!

Speaking of HomeGoods...isn't HomeGoods seriously amazing!!? I found this honeycomb lamp a couple of weeks ago and just couldn't pass it up. It is currently sitting in our guest room, but I might have to move it to a place more visible in our home. We will see....

How about this adorable print from one of my favorite etsy shops! I love this song by Stevie Wonder and I thought it would be perfect on my night stand. What do you think?

Okay...Last but certainly not least is this Nate Berkus Tortoise Shell. I have had this little guy for a long time and my friend Amy from BabyMamaJuice finally inspired me to get it up on my wall!

I love how it adds a little modern in my traditional dining room.

So what have you "Found" lately? Any good deals I need to know about?

Have a Marvelous Monday All!!


  1. Wow nice blog post about home goods, i like your blog and also like your all these pictures, great job.

  2. Love them all and yay for your tortoise shell debut!!! Love it! I'm on the hunt for an inexpensive outdoor coffee table and side table. It's harder than you would think!

    1. Hmmm... do you want wood or one with a glass insert?

  3. Love the swan and the jack especially! I usually don't find anything in the thrift stores either, but occasionally I hit the jackpot...found a great white upholstered vanity chair for the guest bedroom for $20, 4 place settings of holiday Farberware, and 3 tall wood pillar candle holders over a few weeks last fall. I think you have to visit often to catch the good stuff. At my Goodwill, I try to hit it on Monday or Tuesday after all the weekend warriors drop off their cleaning-out-the-closet goodies.

    1. Great ideas on going to Goodwill right after the busy weekend. I will have to try that!

  4. I'm dying over those books! Good finds!

  5. All great finds, Amy. I adore the tortoise shell! Good to hear you enjoyed your getaway.
    Wendi xo

    1. Thanks Wendi! Hope your staging is going well. You are almost there!


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