Thursday, May 2, 2013

I have a Secret...It Involves Robert Downey Jr.

Taking a break today from decorating posts to let you in on a little secret that has been weighing on my mind!!

I have had a minor crush on Robert Downey Jr. since the first Iron Man came out! I can't tell you how excited I am for Iron Man 3 tomorrow!

I am excited for two reasons:

1.) I love the Iron Man movies and think they are so creatively made as well as RDJ is absolutely hilarious.

2.) I was an EXTRA in the movie! Like....for real!

So the secret is out. I had to sign some paper last year to vow that I wouldn't tell anything about the movie or even tell anyone that I was in Iron Man. They had a code name for the movie. Did you know they do that? If it is a top secret movie, they call it a different name so it won't get leaked to the public.  Who knew?

Well.... That didn't work at all because when I went to try out for the movie there were also about 3,000 other people that tried out and every one of them knew it was the Iron Man 3 movie because of the News Media.

The stars themselves...Gwyneth Paltrow & Robert Downey Jr.

How did I get to be an Extra??
Who knew that being an extra could be a profession? I was called one day by the Hub's Aunt. She told me that there was a casting call that would be filming in our area. While she was telling me this, I had no idea why she would be calling me of all people. I mean..I had a full time job and had never been into acting or modeling at all. She told me that my cousin (who works on sets in Wilmington, NC) told her that there would be a casting call for a movie and that I should totally try out. Well..then I heard it was Iron Man 3 on the news and got excited. 
Of course I tried to get some friends to go with me that weekend. NOT ONE of them wanted to go or even cared about being in the movies. I was like WHAT? all are crazy! 
So that next Saturday (last March 2012) I went to our local mall with three head shots and not knowing what to expect at all. I arrived and the security told me I had to follow the line to the end. I honestly was very naive about the whole thing because the line for applying to be an extra was literally wrapped around the whole mall! (and this wasn't a small mall) As I got in line I was contemplating whether or not to even wait. The line was moving, but barely. Did I really want to waste my whole Saturday waiting in a line with a bunch of people I didn't know?
Long story short...I waited 3 hours. BUT, it was kind of fun. I met so many people in line. Some were extra's that actually had agents, most people were just average Joe's like me! I got up to the front of line with only 5 minutes left till they were shutting the line down. I talked with one of the guys who was looking for particular ages and faces. He told me that "I had a face for the movies." Yeah...whatever. I am sure he told everyone that. I handed in my head shots, he asked me a couple of questions and then That.Was.It.

Well...that was it until I got a call in May! By then I just assumed that waiting in line two months before was nothing more than a neat experience and something I could tell others I did! The call was very unexpected. They wanted to know if I could come to Wilmington for a fitting that Thursday. They wanted me to be in the movie as an extra!! I really thought it was some kind of joke...but it wasn't!!
I got fitted that Thursday and they told me I needed to be in Wilmington for three overnight shoots in June. (Side note: if you know me well...I don't stay up after 11 and you can find me sleeping in till at least 7:30-8:00 every morning. How was I suppose to stay up over night??
So... I was actually going to be in the movie! I brought all of my items I was suppose to bring (ie: black socks, shoes and pants) They supplied the rest of my outfit. As I arrived I was pushed this way and that with hair and make-up to the snack bar and then back to the dressing room. It was such an organized and well run crew. I had NO IDEA how much went on behind the scenes of a movie. No Idea!

Did I stay awake all night?
I sure did! It was a blast and even though there were times we sat around for hours at a time until they called us on set, I met so many people to talk with or play cards with. They fed us lunch at midnight and dinner at 4 in the morning. All of that was totally worth it!

Did I get to see any movie stars?
I did! I was in a scene with Jon Favreau and James Badge Dale. They were great! They would come out and do a scene with us, then they would have some stunt guys come out and play the fighting parts, then they would come out again.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to see my man Robert. Gwyneth and RDJ were filming in the next set over, but we never bumped elbows! I did get to see the awesome cars they were driving (Audi sports cars), for their scenes, and that made me feel like I saw them..hehe. 

Would I be an extra again someday?
Totally! It was an amazing experience. I met so many wonderful people that I am still FB friends with. I actually have a few ins if I ever want to do it again. It would be an awesome side job for someone who is retired or even a college student that needs a little extra mu-lah in Wilmington, NC!! Never in a million years did I ever expect myself to jump at a chance like this. I am so very glad I did! Once in a lifetime experience.

Am I actually in the movie?
Well...I don't know! I am going to see it for myself tomorrow at 3:00pm. I will definitely keep you all posted on where you can find me...if I made the cut!

Hope everyone is having a Fabulous Thursday! Tell me...have you ever done something that you never would have expected to do? Leave me a comment...I would love to hear about it!


  1. What a cool experience! I did a project for my son last year. He's in the Air Force and was was deployed for 6 months. I had a sign that said "Hi Jerry!" and I asked friends and family to hold the sign. I took a picture then printed and sent it to him to let him know that we were thinking of him at home. It started small, but then I asked our local baseball team if they'd participate. Next thing you know, I was asking our local radio station DJ's and they got Toby Keith and Rascal Flatts to hold the sign for me. One of our news stations came with us to one of the photo sessions, they aired our story. In the end, I had over 100 photos for my son. Some famous, some not, but it was fun. I didn't think I'd be that forward to ask strangers, stars none-the-less! When he saw Rascal Flatts in one of the first groups of photos, he couldn't wait to see who else we would end up with.

    I live in Rochester, NY. Filming for the Spiderman 3 movie is happening this week and next in our city. There are crews downtown, roads are blocked off, different traffic adjustments every day. I think it's cool, but I don't work down there either. I'm sure some that have to make changes to their commutes aren't as enamored.

    My daughter works in a building that's directly in front of the set and yesterday she took some photos of the various staged cars being used (an armored car, newspaper delivery truck). There are lots of NYPD cars and NYC taxis around, too.

    1. What a neat story about your son! I am sure he was ecstatic! Also, I use to go to college in Rochester! I am originally from Buffalo. Small world!

  2. OMG that's sooooo exciting! Let me know if you see yourself! I'm going to see the movie soon and hope to see you in it! They're shooting 3 movies here this summer and I got a call from a talent agency letting me know so I could sign up to be an extra. Wowsers! So fun! The pay is good too!

    1. So amazing! What movies are they filming?

  3. What scene are you in? My niece and sister submitted headshots to be in Captain America. I wish I lived closer and could have done it too.

    1. The scene is toward the beginning of the movie. Where Happy Hogan is following that bad guy. Right before Happy gets hurt there are people in front of the Chinese Theater in LA. I was walking around.


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