Sunday, October 23, 2011

Orange You Glad....

I recently ordered Happy Chic Colors by Jonathan Adler.  If you know anything about Jonathan know how quirky and eclectic he really is! I smile each time I see his style. It is so bright, fun and completely different!

While reading through his book this weekend, I stopped at the section on the color ORANGE. He talked about how Orange = electrolytes for your eyeballs! Hilarious and so true!

This past year I actually painted our half bath orange. I wanted a little punch of something downstairs, since the rest of the rooms are pretty neutral.
I think that Orange says I am a fun person and I am not afraid of color! I know that orange is not for everyone, but I just smile each time I walk into that bathroom. It really does put you in a better mood! HA!

The color that we used was:
Butterscotch by: Martha Stewart
This sample definitely doesn't do it justice!

The picture below is exactly how it turns out on the walls! This is the true butterscotch!

Here are some pics of our half bathroom. I paired this specific orange color with gray. I really like how it turned out.

Little Bathroom caddy holds succulents and supplies. There is literally NO storage in this small space.

I love these abstract prints that I inherited from a good friend!

Adding a little gray makes the space feel a little more sophisticated!

What do you think? What colors have you tried that really make a punch?


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