Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{DIY} Outfit Pinspiration Board

Today's post is another one of my crazy DIY projects. It all started after seeing this office pin board on pinterest a few weeks back. I loved how simple the project was, but also what an impact it made in the small  office space.

How many of you go to your closet and just stare at the mass of clothes only to "have nothing to wear"? Does this sound familiar? Well this happens to me a lot and usually my whole room ends up looking like some natural disaster.

I came along this quote.....

HAHA! Isn't this so true? That is what I thought..... then a light bulb turned on! (Are you still with me? I am kind of rambling today)

I thought since pinterest is such an inspiration that I should use some of the outfits from my pinterest board to give me inspiration in the morning, especially the mornings that I am NOT inspired by my own wardrobe. 

Thus today's Outfit Pinspiration Board in my closet!!

I bought these 4 square cork boards for $6.00 at Tar-jay....

Then I taped off each board to create a different pattern with painters tape.

I added some gold paint that I had leftover from my polka dot mugs.

And...this is how they turned out...

Aren't they adorable!!?? Think of the possibilities!

I then added these little guys to the back of each cork board and hung them up above the reclaimed wood hooks behind the door in my closet. 

Then came the hard part...picking the outfits that would inspire my own wardrobe! I printed these out from my own Outfit Pinterest Board.

I cut the pictures out and literally "pinned" them onto my own inspiration board.

What do you think? I need to add some more outfits as our season changes into Spring. 
I sure hope this will help me with my indecisive nature. It will at least
keep my room safe from natural disasters!

Have a Fabulous Day!!


  1. WOW that's so cool! I found you through instagram. You had commented on the Raspberry Lemonade Cupcake. ;) I was trying to find out where you live on your page and didn't see it. Anywho, hope all is well! I'm guessing your a cupcake lover as well!


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