Monday, April 1, 2013

Random Monday...Things I'm Diggin

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful Easter Weekend! We have been enjoying a little R&R....

This sight never gets you agree?

So I have found a few things around the web lately that I am totally diggin and I wanted to share with all of you in hopes that some of you dig what I dig? (WAY too many people diggin..HA!)

Aren't these Summer Ice Cubes Amazing? I need to drink more water on a daily basis and these would be not only healthy but fabulous to look at!

Did you know that you can go to Home Depot and buy at 4ft x 8ft sheet of white panel board to make your own white boards! One sheet only costs $12 and they will cut it to any size you want.

I am thinking of something like this for the Hub's office makeover....

I am seriously Crushing on Caitlin Wilson's new Spring textile line. So many fabulous colors and patterns, you must check them out!

How adorable is this reclaimed wood dog bowl holder? This wood was rescued from an old pub in downtown Raleigh. My sister-in law and brother have created some neat pieces from the old wood. You can check out their etsy site HERE. I can't wait for my reclaimed wood coffee table to be complete!

I found this gift idea on pinterest. The guys are always left out during the baby showers....why not bring them a little something too. Such a cute gift idea! Here is what was included in this daddy doody shower gift: Diapers, Diaper rash cream, gloves, goggles (home depot, about $2.50), face mask (home depot-$2.00), clothes pin for your nose, tongs for diaper disposal, hand sanitizer, baby wash, wash cloth, baby food, spoon, pacifier, baby socks, wipes and tylenol (for dad). Too cute!! Love it! 

Have you ever heard of Minted? We ordered our Christmas cards from them this year and they were wonderful! Minted is made up of independent artists that can customize art prints, announcements and stationary just for you. You must go to the site if you haven't already. I think their prices are very reasonable and who wouldn't want to support an independent artist!?

Well those are my random thoughts for the day! Hope you have a wonderful Monday my friends!


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