Monday, January 14, 2013

Home Office Plan

Last week I gave you a little peak into my New Years Decorating Goals. While I work on many projects at once (I may or may not have a little DIY ADD), I needed to have a plan for each space. The first space that I am working on is our Home Office or aka My Husbands Office. He is the one that spends the most time in here since we work from home fairly often.

Many of you remember this painfully embarrassing before picture:

There is really NO character in this space at all. Who would want to work in here?

I have started to get a feel for how I want to proceed with this project. Take a look at my mood board below:
I am thinking a neutral design with a few pops of color within the artwork and accessories. I want it to be a masculine space with a library feel.

As you can see from this picture. I have started adding some pops of color by color coordinating ALL of his books. It sure feels like a library with all of the books he has collected over the years!

So here's the breakdown for the Home Office Project:

*Make Roman Shade for Window
*Paint Desk
*Get Glass cut for top of desk
*Add a rug that has some texture (ex: Cowhide)
*Create Reading corner with chair & lighting
*Paint White Board on Wall behind door (yes..he wants a BIG white board)
*Add color with accessories
*Find a way to hide all of those hideous cords

I am up for the challenge! Watcha all say??
Please wish me luck!


  1. Can't wait to see the after. I am brainstorming ideas for our new office too....I am never happy with it, I am determined to be this time around.

  2. All the luck on that home office redo! :) From your initial plans, everything would turn out to be fine; so relax and share some photos when you are done.


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