Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 House Goals

It is that time where many make their New Years resolutions to be healthy and I right? Last year my resolution was to get ORGANIZED! I seemed to do pretty well with the organization of my Laundry Room, Linen Closet, Pantry, DVDs, Entryway & Under the Kitchen Sink. I still have a ways to go with the master closet & garage, but don't worry there is always this year!!

Along with keeping up with organization around the house (which is always a constant battle), I have put together some of my own House Goals for 2013 to keep things freshly decorated around this place.

#1: Updating the Hubs Home office......

Those of you who have been to my home recently have seen a few updates since this picture. I am planning on taking over this dungeon and making it a fun yet masculine place for him to work.

#2: Building Shelves above the passageway from the family room to the dining room

via BHG

I love the look of these built-ins. Not only do the look aesthetically pleasing, but they are very helpful in organizing books, toys and knick knacks. I am hoping my brother will help me build these this year! 

#3: Gotta do something about this BLAH.... Bathroom!

This is my master bathroom. I have probably never showed it to you before and there is a reason. It is BORING! Nothing is happening in here. I know what some of you are thinking..... you have a great size bathroom with 2 vanities, a soaking tub and a stand up shower (you can kind of see the shower in the mirror). It is a good size bathroom and it fills our needs, but it really just needs a little sumthin sumthin. 

I am thinking a good coat of paint, maybe some wainscoting and we definitely need to frame the mirror!

#4: DIY Twin Headboards for our guest room

I have been wanting to try my hand at DIYing headboards and 2013 is the year I will try. I never said I would succeed, but I will TRY! 

#5: Tackle the Master Closet...YIKES!

Yes it is a bit scary at the moment. And....this is pretty organized for us. For a "newer" built home this master closet is actually quite small. I have to put all of my dresses and suits in the guest closet and John has to put all of his suits and sweaters in one of the other rooms. It is just crazy! What are we going to do when the kiddos come....hmmm.

I do swoon and even cry over California Closets, but they are just not in the budget this year. I am going to try and lift the shelves that are already in there a little higher and then have my brother help me build a bottom bar for our skirts and pants. I am still trying to figure out what to do with my ridiculous small shoe collection! 

#6: Last but NOT Least.....the Garage!

Oh have a garage so clean and organized. I am not sure what I would do with myself...I might even sleep in there!

We have moved offices 3 times within a year and a half,  I resigned from teaching full time two years ago and my parents moved down to NC this past summer and gave me all of my barbie and doll stuff! All of that happened within 2 years and we haven't made the time to go out there and actually go through my teaching stuff, barbies and office files. Once I would get ahead, something else would get dumped into the garage.
So... I need YOUR help to keep me accountable for going through everything in my garage! I will spare you a picture for today, but don't you worry because I will be back very soon with some "before" pics of the garage. I will conquer the garage if it is the last thing I do in 2013!

Well those are the larger house goals for 2013! I am sure I will have many little DIYs around the home that will help inspire you or make you or the other. 

Have you made some resolutions or goals for 2013? Do tell!

Tomorrow is Friday...yep!


  1. You have lots of great projects for 2013! I love it! I am planning on doing a mini-reno of our guest bathroom. It needs that little sumthin sumthin too!

    1. Thanks! Good luck with your guest bathroom...I know I will need lots of luck and magic to accomplish all of the above this year! :)

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with your bathroom. We want to and need to frame our mirror too, so I need some good ideas of what to use to do that :)

  3. Nice blog... thanks for sharing with us..

    1. Thank you! Please keep me accountable in 2013!!! :)


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