Monday, July 21, 2014

Playroom Design Plan & My Go-to {Kid Items} for the Home

Ever since I designed this reader's playroom and this reader's family room , I have received numerous emails about needing ideas on how to organize kids spaces while making them feel cohesive, fun and family friendly.

So today I am sharing a couple of design boards filled with my go-to items for kids. Remember that it doesn't have to be pricey to be fabulous!

A Few Tips:
1. Look for items that have lids or covers to hide toys when company comes over.
2. Find fabric that it easy to clean.
3. Mix and match high-low items so your space doesn't feel like a fisher-price house.
4. Add pops of color and texture to keep children engaged when playing in the space.

Kids Space 1
White Shelves, ABC Art, Pendant Light, Tree Shelf, Teardrop Bean Bag Chair, 123 Bins,
  RugWicker Basket, Tassel Bins

The space above was inspired by the ABC art print. Lots of vibrant colors to pull from! This space could be for any age child. I especially love the bean bag chair that gives that chartreuse pop to the space. 

Kids Space 2

Animal Print Art, Pendant Light, Kids Wicker Chair, Striped Tent, Art Organizer, Supply Cart,
White Dipped Baskets, Campfire, White Cube table, Gray Bins Organizer

The second space is a little more subdued with calming black, white & grays with pops of turquoise and coral. Those animal art prints are hands down my favorite art for kids spaces. There are so many different animals to choose from and the 8x10's are only $25. Can you believe that the kids wicker chair is only $20 at Ikea!? Loving all the organization the bins, cart & art caddy can bring to this space as well. 

So are you convinced that you can have a fun kids space that says fabulous!?

Tell me...what are your go to items for organizing your kid's toys?


  1. Great spaces! I remember when our girls were younger, it was all about bins, storage boxes (clear) and easy to reach shelving. There were no expedit's back then, nor Ikea for that matter.

    1. Yes! Haven't toys and organizational items come a long way in the past few years!?

  2. all your tips are spot on. we use one giant wicker basket to keep august's toys tidy when he's not playing with them and right now he's in the stage where he loves sorting through it on his own so it's actually nice not having a lif for hit. he takes everything out and then puts it all back in (over and over again!)
    i LOVE the teepee and campfire set curated in your last design board. hopefully when he's big enough to really play with those things, we'll have more space to be able to have them in our home!

    1. Don't you just love that teepee! I could see Auggie loving the outdoors and what a fun way to bring the outdoors in!


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