Wednesday, July 31, 2013

{DIY} A Tufted Ottoman for my closet

A few weeks ago I shared one of my thrifting finds on Instagram. It was this little tufted beauty that I found for $25!

If you have priced out ottoman's lately you would know that it was a pretty great steal! Tufted ottomans go for around $99 and up depending on the quality, fabric and store.

I decided that I needed her for my closet and so she came home with me. Even though I loved the lines, woodwork and tufting...she needed an update! I am not a fan of faded red velvet. You?

I started looking through my fabric stash and came across this navy and white striped fabric that I picked up at Ikea last year. I knew it would be perfect in my little closet. The only supply that I had to buy for this project was this cover button kit. It was $4.99! A pretty cheap project... if I do say so myself!

First things first...the legs had to come off, then I stripped the nail head trim off, and I ended up with swiss cheese foam! :)

The fun part started by using my power staple gun. I carefully stapled the striped fabric to the backside of the foam and already existing wood.

Not a pretty picture, I know! Just you wait!

After I used the cover button kit to make 11 buttons (8 navy & 3 white), I found this upholstery kit at my momma's house and started threading the wax thread up through the existing holes on the back.

Once the needle reach the top, I pulled it through and added the button. Then it was time to thread the string back down.

I really think that this step was the hardest part of this whole process. The foam was so thick that I had to use pliers to push the upholstery pin up through the foam and then try to grab the needle before it would slip back down! (upholstery newbie here people!)

Once all of the buttons were added, it was time for the tufting. I made a large knot on the back with the thread and really pulled the string taut. Then I added a few staples to keep the thread from moving.

Once I saw these little humps forming...I knew I was doing something right!

I screwed the legs back on and brought her back upstairs and placed her in my closet.

Can I say that I am totally smitten with this little beauty!??

It isn't perfect, but neither am I! I learned a lot from this project and know that my next tufted creation will be dynamite!

Have you all ever tackled tufting? Any tips for a newbie?

Happy Wednesday All!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Master Bathroom Before & Design Plan

Hope all you lovelies had a great weekend! My sweet niece turned one year old this past week and we had a wonderful little party for her. We also got to accomplish some small organizing projects around this joint!

Some of you may remember my New Years Resolutions that I made for our home in January. I was looking back on those Goals and realized I need to kick myself into high gear if I am going to finish all of them in 2013. I have gotten a lot done in the Hubs Office. I started the organization of our Master Closet with these hooks and pinspiration board and our Master bathroom everyday supplies were organized here. However, I realized that I haven't even touched updating the Master bathroom!

So..I am thinking that if I say all of my design plans on here in front of all of you, that I will start getting motivated to tackle the Master Bath! {A girl can wish you know!}

Let's talk about a Design Plan People...
Just to let you know, we don't want to spend a fortune in here because we are only planning on staying in our home for about 3 more years. We want to update it and make it a space we enjoy to be in, but don't want to spend money on granite counter tops, tile floors, etc. We are just looking for a face-lift of sorts. 

When you walk straight into the bathroom their is a stand up shower with a glass door. I am not going to change anything there, but just to the left of the shower is this soaking tub. We use this a lot in the fall and winter and I am thinking that a Roman shade mounted high above the blocked window would add a little excitement like the picture below:

To the left of the tub is the toilet area. Wouldn't it be amazing to do some custom shelving above the half wall like this:

I am also thinking some floating shelves above the toilet and white subway tile around the soaking tub like this:

Our double vanity is on the opposite side of the bathroom from the tub and toilet. The faucets and sinks are in great shape, so I want to make sure we keep them and save a little money. 

However, I am thinking that I want to change up the vanity with some paint and new hardware. The vanity itself has taken a little bit of a beating and the laminate wood is starting to chip.

I am picturing a darker vanity like below with either Lucite or glass hardware:

The floors in the bathroom are just vinyl, but they are in great shape and this would be one area we could save money on. We are probably going to keep our home and rent it out when we move in a few years, so if we keep the vinyl we would have a lot less maintenance in the end. 

Last, but certainly not least is the lighting and the mirror. I am a little stuck on what to do with these fantastic bell lights (do you hear the sarcasm?) I am still trying to find a better option for this space. These are definitely cheap builder grade lights. I am thinking we could salvage these and use them in one of our flip homes!

Also, I really want to frame out that mirror and create a more custom look. I am visioning a black glossy frame that would really pop!

Colors...well I want to paint the walls white and the vanity a dark gray or deep blue/black.

I am tossing a few paint choices around:

Slate by Restoration Hardware
Urban Bronze by Sherwin Williams
Iron Ore by Sherwin  Williams
Dovetail by Sherwin Williams

So what do you all think? Any advice or ideas you might have for me to consider in my bathroom?

Here's to a fantastic new week!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Finds

Well it isn't a secret that I LOVE to shop! It is definitely part of many family jokes. I am not an extreme shopper by any means. I actually do a lot of window shopping more than I actually spend money. I like a good bargain like the rest of you!

So today on a sunny NC day, I wanted to give you a little peek at what items I have found while out and about Raleigh this week.

Pottery barn is really stepping up their game lately. How amazing is this denim tufted couch?! Obviously I didn't buy it, but it would be so practical in a family room and not to mention adding some chic to your space.

Have you noticed that Pottery barn's bedding is starting to look a little like Restoration Hardware? I really like the calming look and of course the prices are a bit more reasonable. 

Okay friends...Target is so my happy place! Is it yours?

Take a look at all these adorable new side tables at Target! Loving the top campaign tables and that mid-century table needs to come home with me! (if only I had room)

This desk is just what I have been looking for! Too bad it doesn't come in White! Only red and black.

Remember my post on changing up my bar stools? Well look what I found...2 for $99 at Target. They look a little more orange in this pic (phone pic), but are really just the perfect yellow! They also come in an amazing kelly green and black in store and many other colors online.

I only wish I had these colors in my house! Loving these sea-grass Ikat bins. Someone please go and buy them!

These bins are so fun and come in many colors and sizes! I bought a few of the white ones for organizing my linen closet. (wish me luck on that one!)

I might have been living under a rock for a while, but have you seen all the beautiful fabrics that HGTV has at JoAnn's !? So many patters and colors. I especially love the back and white zigzag and the blue and tan watercolor fabric.

Well nothing too crazy all, but just a few things here and there that I have found. What deals or items have you discovered lately?

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Instagram {@eatsleepdecor) this week....

Have A Fabulous Weekend Sweets!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Found my Dream Home

Have you ever searched through your local Real Estate for fun only to find your Dream Home? Or maybe you already live in your dream home. Well since the Hubs and I are in the Real Estate business here in Raleigh, NC we get to see all sorts of homes from the lowest dumps to million dollar beauties. We have been in business for about 8 years and there have been gorgeous homes that I could totally live in, but not until last month did I find my true "Dream Home". 

It isn't necessarily my dream home because it has all the most up to date fixtures and touches, but it is my dream home because as I walked through the home I felt at peace. I could see myself throwing parties on the large screened in porch and covered patio.

I could see the Hubs practicing his golf swings behind the back fence while I was doing dishes.

I could see our little ones someday climbing on the play house and running through the large fenced-in backyard. 

I could see our family watching Friday night movies in the expansive bonus room.

I could see having my friends over for tea and laughing all the while.

These are just some of the future activities that got me so excited about life! No, we didn't buy the home because it is totally out of our price range at this time. But a girl can dream...can't she? 

Now lets talk about this beauty a little. The landscaping first of all caught my eye. The previous owners hired a professional to really create beautiful gardens around the whole house. I could even see prom and wedding pictures being photographed here someday!

The Hubs fell in love with the extra side entrance that entered into a Huge office space that would be perfect for our business. It would be amazing to work from home and his view would be looking at the golf course in the back yard. Not too shabby!

I personally loved the southern charm that went into this home. I love the wooden shutters that adorn the windows in each room. I love the really thick moldings that can be found in most parts of the home.

The owners also did a great job adding built-ins for extra storage and functionality.

Of course one of my favorite rooms in the home is the gorgeous kitchen. There really isn't much I would change in here. If I was to move in, the first thing would be to take down those pendant lights and put something more fun! I also like the fact that all of the appliances are covered by cabinetry. It really gives the kitchen a seamless feel. 

Obviously I would put some of my own touches on the house. But to be honest, I could live in this home a long time before I needed to change a thing. It is move in ready and I so wish I was moving in!

Have you ever found a home that makes you at peace when you walk through the doors? Maybe it is the home you live in now! Don't you love how the mind can dream? I sure do!

Happy Hump Day All!

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