Monday, January 25, 2016

Pantone Colors of the Year {Rose Quartz & Serenity}

Yes you read that right... COLORS of the year. Usually Pantone comes out with one color for the year but this year they decided to throw a curve ball in the world of color and design.

Introducing Pantone's 2016 colors of the year:

Some of you may love these colors while others may be a bit turned off at this color combination. Before you leave this post let me give you some inspiration that will either confirm your dislike for these colors or change your mind on these pastel-like colors.

Let's start with Rose Quartz....I am attracted to this color in small doses. Am I going to paint a whole room this color? Probably not. (unless my daughter wants a pink room someday, then we'll talk)  But a throw pillow or accent vase would add just a touch of pink without going overboard. And how about this door color? I might get on board with that! 

The table setting below really shows how both colors can be paired well together. And of course I love how they added a touch of gold!

source unknown

Now onto Serenity.....
I have to admit that this color in small doses would also work for me. However, I am not a huge fan of the purple undertones in this color so I am giving you a glimpse of more of a sky blue in some of these inspiration photos. 

unknown source

I am really drawn to spaces that have more of a neutral backdrop which bring out the pastel colors with a pop!

Can you get on board with the new colors of the year? Which inspiration photo is your favorite?

Have a wonderful week lovelies! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

{Organizing} in the New Year

Hello Hello! Yes, I am still alive over here. I so miss you all as you have been apart of my blogging journey for over 4 years! I have decided for now that the blog (& my cleaning) are just going to have to take a back seat for a little while so I can enjoy sitting on the floor playing "peek a boo" with my babies. I know this time will not last.... I am soaking it up while I can. I have waited a LONG time for this. With that said...I will be sure to post when I can, so if you are loyal followers, THANK YOU! Thank you for following along as I learn how to juggle it all (or not). And yes.. my babies are now 9 months old! Get the tissues out for this mama. It is going way too fast.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and welcome to 2016! Can you believe it? neither. I usually do a New Years "Goals" post that has to do with items I want to accomplish around my house. The New Year just gives us that fresh start that most of us need. Time to review the past year and look forward to achieving goals and aspirations that weren't accomplished the previous year. I really don't have a whole lot of ideas for our home at this time. A little tweak here and there, but I am starting to get ready for a new project. The Hubs says within the next two years, so you better believe I  have already been scouring the market! Ha! Don't worry I will have lots of ideas and inspiration for you as we continue to make our current house a home on a daily basis.

One of my main goals this year is to organize my photos! Right now all of the pictures of the babies are currently either on my I-phone or a camera card. I NEED to get them off and get them organized before they turn 18. Technology can be a blessing and a curse...can I get an AMEN?

I have compiled some of my favorite projects for inspiration as you all start organizing your own spaces. All of these projects, once completed, really helped us live more simply and efficiently.

What are you up to tackling in the new year? Organization? House Construction? Maybe just survival?

Have a wonderful week! Hope to meet you back here sooner than later!
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