Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dining room {Before} & A New Plan

Do you ever sit in one room of your home and then gaze over to the other side of the house and realize it needs a little something? The Hubs always knows when my mind is whirling with ideas because he says my eyeballs move from place to place! I am sure he is thinking "uh oh, there goes more money"! HA!

Well a few weeks ago I was sipping some coffee in the living room and looking into our dining room. I absolutely love our coffered ceiling, the gallery wall and vintage settee, but I knew it needed a little punch and a definite update.

View from entryway

My mother-in law helped me make the red silk drapes when we first moved in 6 years ago. I have really loved the punch of color, but I feel that my design for this space is going a little more on the relaxed side. Besides, the intense NC sun has also created little tears in the fabric. It is time for a change!

View from living room

The walls in this room have never been painted. They are still the original builder beige/yellow that I detest. It has worked for now, but it is time for something without yellow undertones. 

The dining room table was built by my grandfather. I love the history behind it. It has three more leaves that create quite a large table for entertaining. It will stay for now, but I want to add two wing-backed chairs to the ends. The side chairs are from target long ago and still serve their purpose. So they will stay as well. 

Oh how I wish I could recover the settee with an updated fabric, but for now I am just going to add a fun pillow that will give it a pop. The color of the settee fabric blends into the wall color, so want to lighten the walls and really show off her curves.

Here is a little plan that will incorporate items I already have and add just a few touches that won't break the bank!

Dining room revamp
I want to add these West Elm curtains for more of a relaxed playful feel to the space. The settee will get a fun pillow in this fabric. My fiddle leaf fig will get a new decorative basket. And if you read about my Home Decor Wish List last week, you know that I am crushing on these affordable winged-back chairs from World Market. I want to also give them a playful twist by adding a fabric to the back. I am thinking this fabric would be fun.
I am still debating on the rug. I may just leave the hardwoods without a rug for now. The floor is much easier to clean without a rug underneath the table. But I do love this one.
I am also thinking about changing out some of the Paris pictures with photographs I have taken when traveling to Italy & Greece. It would give a bit more color to the walls.

So..that is the plan people! The curtains came in the mail this past week and I just need to raise the curtain rod so I can hang them. I have painted two walls in Shoji White by Sherwin Williams. The paint isn't really white white. It has a bit of a gray undertone to it. It really has a cozy feel when paired with the dark coffered ceiling.

I hope to be able to share a little progress with you all very soon!

What projects are you all working on at home? Do share!


  1. Love the direction you are taking. Can't wait to see it put together. That settee is amazing!!

    1. Thanks friend! That settee is a family heirloom and I just love having a piece of history in my dining room!

  2. Love your plans!! And those coffered ceilings are killer!

    1. Thanks so much sweet friend! I am excited to dive into this project! And my brother put those coffered ceilings in for us when we first moved in. They are my favorite!

  3. Beautiful! I wish I could have a carpet like that. Do you happen to have any recommendations? Just recently I stumbled upon Doris Lesle Blau's website and absolutely fell in love with their vintage carpet collection. Say, do you know where I could get something similar?


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