Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday Treats #4- Inspiration & DIY from around the web

Welcome to Tuesday my friends. We have officially entered the cooler weather here in NC. I knew once I decorated my mantel it would happen! hehe

Today I have some special treats from around the web. If you have miss the last three you MUST go here, here and here. So many ideas from other fabulous bloggers and designers out on the web! I just love sharing my finds with all of you. Hope you are enjoying this series as much as I am. ENJOY!

Number ONE: DIY Paper Garland
I love this idea because it could be used to decorate so many events! You could add it to a nursery for some color, use it as a backdrop for pictures at a party or string it across your mantel for Halloween or Christmas! All you need is card stock, scissors and a sewing machine. Stitch the shapes all together and Wah-la! Too cute. Click the link above for specific instructions.

You all know I have a total design crush on Emily A. Clark. She just knows how to style a home and she did not disappoint when it came to her bedroom gallery wall. I love how she displayed her family photos around the armorie. The large pictures really make a statement and the black and gold frames create a timeless vignette. Love.Love.Love!

Number THREE: 8 ideas for creating a Thanksgiving Table
I know we are over a month away, but my friend Abby wrote a great post on how to create a Thanksgiving Table with textures, colors and even ideas for the kids! You must click the link above to see how to create lovely table settings for your guests!

Number FOUR: Chic meat and cheese tray
Speaking of entertaining, but girl Courtney is the Queen of entertaining and hosting parties. Her table settings and appetizers are always fabulously displayed. She just posted a how to video when it comes to creating a chic meat and cheese tray. You will knock the socks off your guests if you follow her little tricks!

I have been in the phase of hosting baby showers for about 3 years now and I am always looking for different and creative ideas that I have never seen. I have participated in my share of baby shower games and activities....to be honest most are boring and really who loves to participate anyways!? People are there to eat and see the mama-to-be open her gifts! When I found this adorable idea I knew I had to share! This will definitely be my next baby shower activity as soon as the next friend is about to pop! If you are interested.... there are some great iron on graphics Here

WOW! Such a great round up of Treats this week! Which is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a fabulous rest of your day!


  1. Thank you thank you for the mention!! So sweet of you! xo

  2. So sweet. Thank you! Just made some paper garlands but they didn't turn out as cute. And just adore Emily's wall.

  3. Well, what a fun surprise! Thanks for including me in your great roundup :)

    Hope you're doing well!


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