Monday, October 14, 2013

Oriental Rugs in the Bathroom

Welcome to Monday! I am surely not awake yet today, but here goes nothing....

You all remember my Master Bath plan that I posted a couple of months ago? Well I am finally getting busy starting on that space. The cabinets and walls have been painted and I will post some pics as soon as the sun comes out around here! I went with Urbane Bronze for the bathroom Vanity and I couldn't be any happier! I have gotten so many great compliments already. The walls are Shoji White. It is a warm white with bits of tans and grays. It has totally brightened up the space and created such class with the contrast of the dark vanity.

The tile around the tub has been put on hold for just a bit while we finish a few other projects around here. So I am starting to pick some accessories for the bathroom. I have been toying with the idea of adding an oriental/Persian rug next to the vanity. I use to think that oriental rugs only were seen in my grandparents house, but I have really been loving the sophistication and age they bring to any space. I have been looking around for rugs that have a bit of texture but are soft on the feet and bring in a little color to the space. There are so many great graphic rugs, but I want to go for something a bit different this time.

Here are some inspiration pictures I have been enjoying.

I will NOT be spending a fortune on a rug for our bathroom because it would just get all wet (and don't forget I share a bathroom with a guy!), but would look for a rug with a good price and colors to compliment the dark vanity.

What do you all think about oriental rugs in the bathroom?


  1. Love the color combination you chose. Since we live in the south and for most of the year it can be quite humid, especially in a bathroom, I am not a huge fan of orientals in the bath. But, I do like the look if the environment is right for it.

    1. I do agree with you about the humidity! I actually just took out the rugs in our bathrooms for the summer. It was so much easier on the feet and not to mention the cleaning!

  2. Here in rarely humid northern New England, I have a restored oriental rug in our bathroom directly in front of the toilet, to warm feet (no radiant heating under our gray-green slate floor). The unusual muted colors are perfect with the spa-like space I tried to create, I bought it long ago on eBay with damage visible, and after some redecoration, the bathroom's the only place it works--and it works really well there. We do put a regular bathmat outside the tub/shower when it's in use. To me, oriental rugs never have and never will go out of style anywhere, even in front of the kitchen sink.

    1. Thanks Gillianne! I agree that they will never go out of style. So glad you have made yours work in your bathroom. I am totally going for it in mine! Will share pics soon!


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