Thursday, September 6, 2012

Less Pillows....More Drama

Most of you know that I am kind of a pillow snob. Not in the way that I spend hundreds of dollars on one pillow, I am more like a pillow hoarder. It isn't rare for me to have around 8 pillows on our bed or the guest room bed. I also change out the pillows on our couch with the different seasons. Right now I have 7 pillows on our couch and two pillows on each chair in the living room.

I need a change for Fall. I mean...isn't that what fall is all about. Simplicity and change.

How about Less pillows, but add a little more drama?

Here is what I am crushing these days......Long Lumbar pillows.

Source Unknown

Greenwich Hotel

Southern Living

via Caitlin Creer

Here are the pillows on the couch as of this morning:
(Sorry for the bad pics taken by my phone)

I am hoping to have some lumbar pillows made for fall to give this couch a 
simple more relaxed feel like the one below:

Can't you just breath in this space! 

What do you think about less pillows, but larger with more drama!?

Now I need to pick the fabric. That is the hard part! 


  1. Love them! I actually like the one in the fourth and the last images best. They are not as long as the couch and a little higher than some of the others. Can't wait to see the results!

    1. I totally agree with you Nancy! We will see what I come up with...wish me luck!


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