Wednesday, January 7, 2015

House & Personal Goals for 2015

Now that all of the decorations are put away and company has left, I have had some time to reflect on the past year and create some goals for 2015. I am more of a goal setter rather than a resolution maker. For one, I feel as though I can never keep my resolutions and then I feel discouraged and quit. A goal seems more achievable for some reason. So here we must keep me accountable this year my friends!

1. Continue on a Path of Healthy Eating:
John and I really eat pretty healthy and try to create a healthy routine around here. It has been a bit hard since being pregnant because of my lack of energy. I know that I will continue to feel more and more tired and have even less energy when the babies are finally here. So I would like to put aside a couple of weekends to create some healthy freezer meals for those days when I am not in the mood to cook. This will alleviate the impulse to run out and grab fast food. Do any of you have some great tasting freezer meals to share? Do Tell!


2. Breathe:
This past year has been a crazy one and this year is going to get even crazier by doubling the size of our family. I couldn't feel any more blessed and excited, but with more responsibility comes more anxiety. I have approximately four months (maybe less) to get everything done before babies arrive. I need to put life into perspective. I may not get EVERYTHING finished that I would like. Do babies really care? No. Are they going to live in a happy and healthy environment? Yes.
So one of my goals is to take time to Breathe. To sit down in the mornings and start my day with daily devotions and prayer. To stop and smile every time I feel those babies moving. To look around my home and see the good things...the things that bring me joy. To meet friends for lunch dates. To rest when I feel I need a rest. To spend quality time with my husband. To be present and Laugh!

3. Learn Something New:
Besides diving into "how-to" baby books, I want to learn something new! John got me some online interior design/decorating classes for Christmas and I can't wait to dive in and start learning some new tips and tricks to share with all of you. I would also like to up my game when it comes to taking pictures. I will soon have two models to practice on daily, so I want to put my learning cap on before they arrive. Oh and this might sound a little funny....but I have always wanted to learn how to use some serious power tools. I am determined to take some lessons from my dad and brother on using an electric saw so I can build something...anything! So here's to a year of new endeavors!

1. Baby Nursery:
Well if this one isn't obvious! Ha! Since we were on the waiting list for adoption a year ago, we have already started working on the nursery a bit. The walls are painted, light fixture hung, closet stenciled and organized and dresser bought.
With the surprising news of being pregnant with twins, we have had to revamp a little. This room is quite small at only 11'x10', but we were able to figure out a layout that will work with two cribs, a dresser and glider. Can't wait to share the plan and updates with you all next week!

2. Office/Guest Room Revamp:
So since we are going to have quite a few visitors over the next year, I wanted to update our guest room and give it a fresh vibe. I am thinking new paint on the walls, some wall sconces, new bedding and a bench at the end of the bed. The walls are still builder's grade and I really haven't done much to create a cozy guest space over the past few years. Time for a change!

Guest room in the current state:

On the other side of the room is my little office nook. I have enjoyed having this space to write my posts, get a little real estate work done and have plenty of space for organizing files, etc. Now that I have slowed down a bit with real estate, I don't need quite as much shelving space, but I am finding I need more desk space. It would be great to spread out my projects and get a possible second screen for creating mood boards and editing photos.

Here is the current state of my small office space:

I recently bought this desk and can't wait to get it set up and put to good use! I am envisioning something like this with some skinny shelves against the smaller wall and a large mood board for ideas and organization:

3. Finish Master Bathroom Projects:
Last year was the start of updating our bathroom with just a bit of lipstick. In other words we painted the walls and vanity to update the builder grade space. We added a large piece of artwork and an oriental rug to give it a bit of character. This year it is time to finish adding some touches! 

Current State of Bathroom:

First up....adding some floating shelves behind the toilet. I am thinking some industrial looking shelves like these from restoration hardware. The only and I are going to DIY them!

I would also like to frame the plain mirror and add a window treatment to give the room a little color and texture. I found this tutorial on how to make a faux relaxed roman shade. I might have to try my hand at this as well!

As you all can see I have just a few projects to finish as well as take on motherhood x2 this year! I am trying to be realistic and know that not everything will be accomplished in 2015, but am looking forward to trying to reach some of these goals. 

Do you make New Years Resolutions or Goals? What is one thing you are hoping to accomplish in 2015?


  1. I too like the idea of setting goals rather than resolutions. Something our pastor said prior to Christmas has stuck with me. Anxiety shows a lack of faith...hmmm. Need to work on that one!!

    1. I agree with your pastor! Faith is so hard but a must to get through life. I think we all need to work on that!

  2. I find that many crockpot recipes do freeze well. Sometimes pasta does and sometimes not so well, though do not know reasons.

    1. Yes...crockpot recipes are a must this next year! Great idea!

  3. All good goals ! I am all over that relaxed Roman shade😃

    1. Don't you love the idea of that roman shade? I think it would be fairly easy. Now I have to find some fabric I like!

  4. Love the new desk and can't wait to see the nursery!!!

  5. resolutions are good guidelines, but i am with you in that goal-setting provides the kind of structure i thrive on. all of these are great aims for the new year and i just know you'll do fabulously in accomplishing them. so excited for you, amy - it's going to be a great year! xo


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