Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Reader's Design Dilemma {Exterior Paint Choices}

Last week I was contacted by one of my reader's. I love getting an email that has some sort of design question or dilemma. In this case Denise was having difficulty choosing an exterior paint color for her home:

Amy, I think your so talented. I was hoping you might give me a minute or two of your valuable time. I have re-sided my home and the painters are standing by while I stand dumbfounded at the chip wall, I have no idea!

I need to co-ordinate my roofs green and blue grays and I'd like the new shake to stand out a bit but have no idea about the trim, body door and shutters. I saw the colors on your latest flip and thought they were so gorgeous I'd take a chance to see if you had an idea about the direction I so go.
Thanks in advance, and thanks even if your too busy to write back. I love your blog and all the inspiration we get from it.


photos - 1) house, 2) roof, 3) shake, and 4) new window trim
I've added staggered shake to the gable and will be adding this window detail and beefier posts

What an adorable home! I was pleased to hear that she is going to be adding some larger posts to the front porch as well as beefing up the trim around the windows and doors. This will make a huge difference for the curb appeal of this home. 

I sent Denise three options (although I could have sent her like 10!). I am anxious to see what she decides and hope that she will send all of us some updates along the way. 

Option 1:

Since the roof has a fleck of green to it, I thought Crownsville Gray would be a great compliment. It also has hints of green, brown and gray. The posts and trim would really stand out with Simply White and be such a fabulous contrast to the darker siding. And I just thought she needed a Navy blue door. You know my love for the dark regal blues

Here is a little idea of where this color scheme is headed:

Option 2:

We have actually used this color combination in a couple of our flip homes. These colors feel a bit fresh and cottage like to me. The door color would really stand out from the street and adding Chelsea gray to the shakes would create another element to the curb appeal.

Here is an example minus the front door color. This was a flip we did a couple of years ago and used Sandy Hook as the main color, Chelsea Gray on the shutters and Glass of Milk as the trim. 

Option 3: 

This color palette was pulled from one of the blogs that I currently follow. The color combination is a bit lighter than the previous two, but still plays on the green shingles making it feel cohesive. I also love the idea of adding a little color to the porch ceiling. Very cottage like indeed!

Here is the example of Dixie Delight's home painted in this color palette:

Thanks Denise for sharing your home with us today! In my opinion, Denise can't go wrong with any of these paint choices. 
Tell me....What option is your favorite?

If you have a design question or are stumped on how to organize a certain me at: eatsleepdecorate(at)gmail(dot)com. I would love to help you with your design dilemma's!

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  1. I really like option 3, it is a great combination of hue and I think it would add a rich touch to the exterior of the house.


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