Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gorgeous Bedrooms with Dark Walls

I am thrilled to have a Guest Designer on Eat.Sleep.Decorate. today! Jane is here to talk about the new trend of going dark with our walls. She gives us some great tips and tricks on how create that dramatic room without having to go over the top dark. Personally I am a big fan of this trend. It seems to create something dramatic yet cozy. Enjoy!


Gorgeous Bedrooms with Dark Walls
By Jane Blanchard

Nothing transforms a room faster than changing the paint color. Try something new this season and add some drama to your bedroom with a dark, bold color. Dark colors add spirit, personality, and character to a room and there's nothing more dramatic than dark walls.

Most people think dark walls make a space dreary and depressing and, well, dark, but the truth is that a dark color is just as versatile as a light color. It's all about choosing the right color to define and highlight your room. Forget what you've heard about small spaces needing light colors. Using dark colors can actually make a small room look larger. These following examples show how to use dark colors on your walls to create your perfect bedroom.

These rich walls highlight the chandelier and make this narrow space feel spacious.

Dark colors also make a room feel intimate and cozy, which is a great effect for a bedroom. To keep the room from being too dark, it's important to spread lighting around the room and use accessories that reflect light.

With dark walls, you don't need a lot of other colors or patterns. Dark walls provide the perfect backdrop for incorporating different textures. Add even more dimension using mirrors. This simple room uses a variety of fabric textures on the bedding and window treatments, but a very simple color palette to create an intimate space.

When using a dark color, it's important to create contrast. Using light fabric on furniture and for window treatments will make the room pop. Dark walls can also help tie together different styles of furniture. Choose furniture that is noticeably lighter than the wall to make the room appear brighter.

Dark tones can highlight architectural features and unusual wall shapes. Here the dark walls highlight the moulding and the unusual wall shape. The shape of this room would have been lost with light colored walls. Incorporating the wall color into the bedding creates a balance in the room.

If you are hesitant to paint your walls dark, using a deep neutral tone can be a good compromise. A deep neutral tone can highlight bright colors, which makes your whole space look brighter. If using a saturated color, choose one contrasting accent hue so the room is not overwhelming.

Another solution is to use a dark color on only one wall. One dark wall can make a room seem larger and is a great way to bring some bold color to a space without too much commitment.

For more home inspiration visit Modernize.


Wow! So much great inspiration. I am personally loving the last picture with the darker blue walls against the beige/linen color. I really do like more of a high contrast rather than having the whole room dark like a cave.

Which one is your favorite? Could you dig creating a dramatic space with dark walls?

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  1. I agree, Amy. I love the blue and beige... You know how I love blue!


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