Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Plan {Our Twin Nursery}

I will be 25 weeks pregnant tomorrow! Yahoo! Getting closer to meeting my babies. While counting down the days gets me excited, I am also a bit anxious when I think about getting everything done before their arrival. Especially because twins are known to come early. Yikes!
So we have been in the works cleaning, purging, organizing...you know, full nesting mode! I think I am wearing John down already and little does he know we still have so much left to do. Buckle up Hubs!

A while back I shared with you the previous floor plan of our tiny nursery. It was used for an extra guest room. Well at only 11'x10' we have had to be very creative when trying to fit TWO cribs, a dresser, glider and storage into this precious space.

Here is the layout we are hoping for:

It will be a bit cramped, but the sweet babies aren't going to care! We have really tried to create as much storage as possible with slide out drawers under the cribs, a six drawer dresser and two hanging bars for clothes in the closet. We are also re-doing one of our downstairs utility closets to create more storage for the big stuff that babies need like bouncers, bumbos, playmats, etc.

I want this room to feel calming with just little touches of color here and there. The walls are painted Shoji White by Sherwin Williams and the ceiling is Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams. I really love the color palette that is going on so far!

Here are my design plans for the Twin's Neutral Nursery:

1. Round Mirror- I love this one, but have found a much cheaper version at Ikea that I think I am going to go with. There is so much white in the room that I wanted to add touches of gold to make the room feel a bit more sophisticated and put together.
2. Yellow Lamp- I needed a little pop of color and found a similar lamp at HomeGoods a while back. Its quite adorable.
3. Etsy Artwork- I love the balloons over the city as well as the merry-go round in Paris for a bit of whimsy.
4. Mid Century Dresser- I found an almost identical dresser to the West Elm one at a local antique/consignment shop. It is perfect and I can't wait to get it into the space!
5.Naps Fix Everything- Again I love supporting small business and Etsy is a great place to find artwork.
6. Floor Lamp- I am thinking that since I don't have a lot of room for a side table next to the glider, that I am in need of a floor lamp to give me the space I need.
7. Side Table- this Nate Berkus table just took to our local Target stores and I am thinking this is just what I need next to the glider.
8. Glider/Rocker- this glider is almost identical to one I found for around $200 at HomeGoods a couple of months ago. Such a steal and so so comfortable.
9. Pouf- I am in need of a pouf or ottoman to place my feet while rocking and feeding. I liked the pattern and colors in the one above. Target to save the day again!
10. Striped Fabric- this striped fabric will be used on the roman shade as well as the crib skirts. You can't go wrong with stripes in any room!

1. Pendant Light Fixture- This light has already been hung and is currently at an amazing price! You can see the lighting details in the nursery here.
2. Floating Shelves- I am so excited about my Lucite shelves that are going to be hung on the wall near the glider to organize books.
3. Color Scheme- These pillows that use to be on the guest bed have become my color inspiration. Yellow, Gray, Navy, Turquoise & a Flamingo Pink!
4. Bright Lab Lights- I love the looks of these string of lights. I think they would add a bit of fun to the room and come in such a variety of colors. This strand has white, gold, pink, coral, indigo and turquoise. I think the colors would be perfect!
5 & 6. Unexpected Artwork- I have been in love with Ricardo Solis art for quite sometime. I am so so excited that these prints should be here sometime later this week. I ordered 11x14 prints for above each crib. Can't wait to share a bit more about this artist in a couple of weeks.
7. Throw Rug- Even though the room has wall to wall carpeting, I am thinking a small rug would add another element to the room. Maybe even a possible sheep hide for near the dresser/changing table.
8. Baby Mod Crib {x2}- I absolutely love these cribs! We have just started setting them up and I dig the low profile and space that they save in our small room. They also have a drawer that pulls out underneath for storage. Perfection! And...can you believe they are from Walmart!?

So what do you think? Even though the room has to be fairly gender neutral since a boy and girl will be sharing the space, I have added some feminine and some masculine touches that I think will be perfect!

If you want to follow along with bits and pieces of the nursery as I add furniture and accessories to the space, head on over to Instagram! I am hoping to be able to share a tour of the room in just a few weeks. Wish me luck!


  1. Love your ideas! It will be beautiful!

    1. Thank you Sydney! Can't wait to see how everything comes together.

  2. Somehow (in all the excitement of your pregnancy), I missed that you were having one of each! That's soooooo perfect! I love the nursery! It is so comfortable and neutral without being cliche or cold. The prints are fantastic and the cribs are to die for! Such an exciting time!!!!!

    1. Thanks Amy! We are excited and yes...can't believe we are having one of each. Couldn't feel anymore blessed! Can't wait to see how all these pieces come together. Thanks for your sweet comments!


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