Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday Treats #18

We meet again my friends! Summer is finally in full swing with many kids already out of school. I just love summertime. Even though I am an adult and have to work throughout the summer, I still get that feeling of freedom. Summer has that lazy, go with the flow, do what you want attitude and I love it!

I am back with another round up of inspiration and ideas from around the web. I hope you like what I found for you all this week. Enjoy!

#1: Bedroom Makeover using HomeGoods Decor
My friend Courtney from A Thoughtful Place created a bedroom retreat for one lucky couple. HomeGoods gave her a challenge of making over a master bedroom for $1,000. You have to hop on over to her blog to see the full reveal. It is gorgeous and I can't believe the beautiful pieces she found at HomeGoods!

#2: Kara Rosenlund Photography
I was so inspired by this photograph this past week. I kept looking at all the details of this space. I am obsessed people! Kara takes such amazing photographs of places, people, animals...you name it! She is now selling some of her prints and you can get this amazing horse print here. Oh this might have to be on my Christmas list!
Do you ever find something that inspires you and you can't help but become a stalker? Not sure what it was about this picture this week, but I was hooked for sure.

#3: Black Bean Quinoa Salad
The Hubs and I are really trying to eat healthy throughout the summer. It can be hard when invited to so many cookouts with hot dogs and hamburgers. So when we are home we try and eat light. I recently fixed this Quinoa salad and it was delicious! We actually ate it as our dinner, but it would also be great as a summer side dish for a cookout or party. You must try!

#4: Fabulous Breakfast Nook with DIY tutorials
I honestly can say that I think Kristen is one of the most talented ladies I know! She has a design background with a DIY brain. Put those two together and you get fabulousness! You may remember her outdoor space that I featured as well as a Fabulous Friday feature of her home.
Again she didn't disappoint with this adorable breakfast nook! You can see a tutorial for her framed wallpaper panels here and tassel pillows here

#5: A Quote
I thought I would end you with this quote that has been on my mind this week. Sometimes we just need to be and let God and life take us where we need to go. So hard to do, but SO TRUE!


  1. You are so sweet. Thank you for the wonderful shout out. I love that quote so much! Speaks to me and my post tomorrow!

    1. You are more than welcome my friend! Can't wait to read your post today!


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