Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday Treats #17 {Inspiration from around the web}

Hello Hello! Your comments were very thoughtful yesterday. Thank you all for letting me share a bit of everyday life on this blog as well as decorating and DIY inspiration. I mean...where would life be without our families and those special weekends away? Am I right?

Today I have another round up of fabulous ideas from around the web. I love sharing what I find and I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do.

#1: Frozen Watermelon Popsicles 
How great do these look? I can see these being a hit at a party or something easy for the kids to munch on in the hot summer weather. All you need is watermelon and Popsicle sticks! Recipe Here.

#2: Summer Entertaining Inspiration (by Ikea)
We all love a good summer cookout with friends and family.. don't we? How about this fabulous outdoor party space with tons of great inspiration-- from Ikea, non the less!! Those umbrellas make me smile and want to sip some sweet tea. Most of the products can be found at Ikea. More pictures and sources Here.

#3: Bed, Bath & Beyond Coupons
So my friend Dina from the blog Honey & Fitz just wrote about how you can use your 20% off coupons for some fabulous online products from Bed, Bath & Beyond. We all have a bunch hanging around our house, but never have the chance to use them on something great and grand. Well there are SO MANY great items online that they don't carry in the store. Check out Dina's whole post: 20 Things to use your 20% off coupons on! You will be shocked at what Bed Bath & Beyond actually carry online. Below are only a few amazing items!!

#4: Why Lighting Matters
I recently came across this article written by Centsational Girl. It talks about why lighting is important in your homes. Whether you are ready to splurge on something grand or you find a fun chandelier at Goodwill, lighting can make or break the look of your room. 

Here is what Kate says about lighting: Great lighting is like the jewelry that makes a fabulous outfit. Your lamps, chandeliers, and sconces are an opportunity to set the style of a space, to add a layer of texture (think industrial or woven shades), or to play the role of the unexpected element. Think of crystal chandeliers in a contemporary space, a minimalist modern fixture in a more traditional room, or an industrial cage pendant in a cottage dining room.

Click HERE to read the full article as well as see some lighting sources.

#5: Gorgeous Traditional Living room with a Twist
And since I can't leave you all without some fabulous decor inspiration, I found this lovely living room designed by Shea McGee. It has many traditional elements infused with some industrial and modern touches. It is the perfect combination of classy and comfortable.

So what about all of you...any great inspiration I should know about?

Have a fabulous Tuesday friends!


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