Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Collections Done Right {Displaying your items of interest}

So yesterday I gave you a little teaser about doing a post on displaying collections. I am not a huge collector of specific items although my husband would say I was a borderline hoarder of magazines. I may have a slight problem with collecting decorating magazines. There I said it!

This is not my house, but I could definitely fill a space like this! hehe

I think that collecting items of important is okay if it is done right. When a collection gets too big that you have no place for it in your home, it is time to weed out and sell. Even though this may be a hard thing for some, you have to look at the big picture. Are your tendencies becoming a little bit hoarder like? Will the items give you a little extra money for something else? Will anyone else in your family care about this collection later in life?

Once you have figured out what items are staying then the fun part happens! You can then arrange your collection in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Having your collection displayed all together is the best way to share your items. When the collection is spread out throughout the home it becomes a bit cluttered looking and doesn't let the eye focus and enjoy any one item. 

1. Specify what you collect
2. Stick with items that are similar in size and hue
3. Gather your favorite items in one spot for major impact

Who doesn't love all white items together. It gives this space a fresh clean look!

See what an impact those fabulous globes bring to this small apartment? If they were placed throughout the home they wouldn't make as big of a statement. I also adore that collection of books by color. Another great way to display your book collections without looking cluttered. 

source unknown
I love this sweet entryway with the straw hat collection. This family might actually use those hats, but they also have them displayed like a piece of artwork. It totally works!

Another great little vignette featuring vintage cutting boards and glass bottles. This layered look shows off Sherry's collection of multiple items in one corner of her home.

It is hard to see in this photograph, but the frames hold a collection of matchboxes. Rather then throwing the boxes in a container and never seeing them again this designer took the matches out and created a colorful display in her den. What a great idea! You could do this with stamp and coin collections as well!

West Elm

Another great artistic art display by using a collection of baskets. What a showstopper this would be in a dining room, entryway or even above a mantel. 

Here is another idea for those of you who like to collect china. Keep your theme to specific colors that will make an impact inside cabinets. 

This display around the kitchen entrance is timeless. The collection of white kitchen items mixed with wood cutting boards creates a place of interest for this collectors items without feeling like a collection.

So are any of you up for the challenge of stream lining your collection and displaying it so that it pleases the eye and all those around you!? I am going to make a huge effort this summer to go through my magazine stash and display them as best I can in one location. Will keep you posted on how I do.

Tell me...what do you collect? Do you have a great way of displaying your collections?


  1. Baskets above the mantel...You are a genius! Such a great collection of ideas. Now I will have to keep my eye out for flat, woven gems ;)

    1. Yes! That would look fabulous above your mantel! I found a bunch at HomeGoods and Target recently. You might want to start there!

  2. I love all those collections...especially globes!


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