Thursday, December 5, 2013

Neutral Nursery #3- Guest Post {Abby M. Interiors}

Man alive! My head has been spinning from all of these amazing ideas over the past few days! How about all of you!? If you are visiting today...Welcome! You can catch up on our Adoption story Here and play catch up with our last neutral nursery designs Here, Here & Here.

Today we are seeing the design of Abby M. Interiors. I have also met her through this amazing journey called blogging! She is one talented lady and if you want to see more of her interior designs, be sure to stop on by her site. So without anymore rambling on...enjoy!!


Hi all!  I am so excited for Amy and her husband.  What an amazing journey!  I was thrilled when Amy asked me to participate in her neutral nursery series.  It's possible that if I had to chose what type of room to design over and over again for the rest of my life, it would be nurseries.  I'm a nursery fanatic. ;-)

cow| swan| stork| rabbit| crib| ottoman| glider| pillow| table| dresser| pendant| mirror| lamp| clock

I spoke with Amy regarding her budget, so there are a few splurges (glider & mirror) mixed with more reasonable items.  Babies see contrast best, so I kept the room in a relaxed, graphic, black and white with metallics feel.  The original watercolors are hip but still sweet enough for baby and toddler.

I hope you like what I've put together!  Remember, neutral can still be interesting and stylish. xo

********************************************************************************* I have the best blogging friends or what!? I am so blessed to have all these fantastic ideas to ponder for my sweet nursery! Abby is an interior designer in Michigan and one of the sweetest ladies I know. Thank You Abby for being apart of this series!

So let's talk about Abby's design, shall we? This is definitely a sophisticated babies room and I absolutely love it! Once again those water colors are amazing and I might have to get my hands on some of those! The glider is chic and could totally work in any room after baby is grown up. How about that amazing light fixture? I can only imagine what images it produces on the walls of the room when turned on. Baby would sure love that! And..last but not least is that adorable Moroccan Fringed Pouf! Love that it brings a little fun and texture into the room.

My Oh My...are you all amazed at these design boards or what!? So if the last three days haven't been enough Neutral Nurseries for you, we have One More tomorrow! The lovely Emily A. Clark with be sharing her design. 

See all you sweets then!


  1. Amy, you are so sweet. I wish I could come over and rock the baby when he/she arrives! xo

  2. Hi Amy! This is such a fun series. Even with teenagers, I love looking at nurseries. This one is gorgeous, but then I love everything Abby does :-) Good luck to you and your husband!!


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