Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Neutral Nursery #1- Guest Post {A Thoughtful Place}

Today Kicks off our mini series on Neutral Nurseries! You are going to love what Courtney from A Thoughtful Place has put together for our baby to be! If you are visiting today...welcome! You can catch up on our adoption announcement HERE and update HERE. Enjoy!!


Hi all! I am so, so honored to be hanging out here on Amy's blog. I had the pleasure of meeting Amy at Haven this past year and we hit it off right away. She is one of those people you could get lost in conversation with for hours. I know that Amy and her husband will be the most amazing parents to the child that is just waiting to be loved and cared for. I was thrilled when Amy asked me to put together a neutral nursery. I honestly think that nurseries have come a long way. I love the idea of a nursery being rather neutral so that the toys, sweet baby clothes, cozy blankets and art work can create a colorful atmosphere. I also believe that neutral pieces can carry over into their toddler years much more seamlessly. You can add or switch up accent pieces whenever you wish. Here is what I created for Amy and her baby to be!

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drapes // crib // artwork // dresser //  table // pouf // chandy // pillow // pillows // rug 

Amy, thank you so much for having me and for letting me a small part of this process. I can't wait to see the beautiful room you create for little one!!! We will all be cheering you on. 


Oh my goodness! Thank you Courtney for this amazing design board! I am loving the gray muted tones paired with the pops of oranges, greens and blues. I am also crushing on that modern crib with sleek lines and that Moroccan pouf is a must! And..um Hello fabulous chandelier!

Tomorrow we will see the lovely Neutral Nursery design of Denise from Gratefully Inspired. Can't wait! This is so much fun!!!

What do you all think? What is your favorite part about this design?


  1. I love her design; especially the artwork and the light!

  2. love that print!!! this design is adorable!

  3. Hi there! I love your blog! So excited for your adoption venture! After nearly 10 years of marriage and wanting our "own" baby we adopted a beautiful sweet baby boy! He came home with us at a mere 3 days old and is now the cutest fattest 6 month old I've ever laid eyes on! I don't think I could love him any more if I had him myself! Really! I am truly blessed! I sincerely believe that the right child comes to you. There's no need to even worry about it because God gives you the one your meant to have, and that's the one that you will welcome home! It is just a "meant to be" kinda situation! It's awesome! I remember thinking this past year I couldn't go another another Mother's Day without being a mom.... it was just too hard. I felt sad and deprived. But while I was having those silly thoughts my baby was growing in his birth mom's womb. I was already a mom, I just didn't know it yet! Excited for you! Love Halie from SC

    1. You just made my day Halie!! Thank you so much for all of your positive comments. I was in need of these today! xoxo


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