Thursday, December 12, 2013

Going Beyond Red & Green: Bringing A New Feel to Holiday Décor

I have a fun guest today teaching all of us a little bit about holiday colors and how we can incorporate different color scheme's into our holiday decor. I hope you enjoy!!

Dagmar Obert is a designer for Balsam Hill with over two decades of experience transforming homes into spaces that reflect comfort and elegance. More of her how-to guides and inspiration articles on decorating and entertaining can be found here. You can follow her on Pinterest and Houzz.


Some things about the holidays should remain constant. A tree, wreaths, candles, string lights; these are all essential to a well decorated home. But who’s to say your color palette can’t change as often as the seasons? There’s a way to incorporate the most unexpected color choices into winter décor; just as long as you have those basics, the accents you add in will be just as appropriate (and a lot more interesting) as the red and green you’ve been sticking to year after year.

Gold and Cream

If you want a classic palette, then you can never go wrong with gold and cream pieces. The elegance and timelessness of metallics isn’t to be questioned, and they look lovely when added in to almost any decorative style. Just make sure you eliminate as many other colors as possible; that winter wonderland effect is much easier to achieve when you tuck away your brightly colored accessories in favor of a more muted palette.

 1. Sunburst Mirror 2. Pinecone Stocking 3. Antler Candle 4. Deer Figurines 5. Gold Chargers

Turquoise and Brown

If you’re a little tired of the more traditional motifs, then branch out a little by choosing pieces that are a subtler call-out to the season. In this color combination, rustic wood tones are nicely balanced by faceted or glittery glass. They’re both an understated nod to that cheery wintery look; no need for elf figurines to get the point across. A roaring fire and some hot drinks on that tray will complete the picture of sophisticated, modern festivity.

 1. Reclaimed Wood Tray 2. Faceted Vase 3. Wood Grain Wrapping Paper 4. Wood Bowl 5. Fish Ornament

Pink and Orange

If you want to try a color palette that’s even more outside the box, then why not be a pioneer and incorporate pink, the new Pantone color for 2014, into your holiday décor? And punchy, bright orange is the perfect complement to add into the mix. The combo is normally pretty summery, so be careful not to go overboard. The key here is to incorporate plenty of evergreen foliage along with white or metallic pieces, just using these brighter colors as the final layer of accents. This maintains the seasonal look, but adds a playful and energizing twist.

 1. Plaid Blanket 2. Dessert Plates 3. Lacquered Tray 4. Dinosaur Ornament 5. Lowball Glasses


What do you all think? Could you try one of these fun color scheme's in your home or do you go for more of the traditional red, green & white?

Thanks Dagmar for giving us some fabulous holiday inspiration!


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