Wednesday, December 18, 2013

{DIY} Gold Merry Christmas Garland

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments around the web yesterday on our Holiday Home Tour. It is always fun seeing a story told through pictures.

I was asked a few questions and the one that came up most frequent was the Merry Christmas Garland on the tree. Where did I get it? Well...I made it! It was so quick and simple. I was inspired by this picture from Pottery Barn's Christmas catalog:

Of course it wasn't on sale anywhere, so I decided to make my own. I had a few extra shipping boxes left in my garage, so I pulled them out one night and stenciled Merry Christmas while watching football and sipping wine.

I then used a spray adhesive and coated the letters, then sprinkled gold glitter over each one. I let them dry over night.

The next day I pulled out the glue gun and some leftover Violet Velvet Ribbon from my Fall Tablescape and glued the letters onto the ribbon. So simple!

I think the hardest part was getting the letters to lay the way I wanted them to on the tree! I must have fussed with them for over an hour. I would sit back and admire, then get up and fix a letter or two. (I am a little OCD when it comes to things like that!)

I am happy with how it turned out and it cost me next to nothing! I had the cardboard, spray adhesive, ribbon & glue gun on hand. Just had to pick up some cheap stencils and glitter.

The garland really adds a little glitz to our colorful tree!

What quick little DIYs have you all be whipping up for the holidays? Or are you just trying to survive!?

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  1. Beautiful. Going to look at yesterday's post. We were traveling.


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