Friday, December 20, 2013

Free Printable Friday!! {Gift Tags}

Hi All! How are you all holding up? I have started the mass package wrapping. My mother in law always creates beautiful packages tied with the most fabulous ribbons. Me...well lets just say I try to survive and get it done. While in the process of wrapping yesterday I realized I didn't have any gift tags or lables left from last year. I also didn't want to run out and get in the way of all the crazy shoppers, so I decided to find some printable tags that would look cute on top of my packages, but also cost me next to nothing. All I had to use was my printer and some card stock that I already had on hand!

I thought since I am such a gracious friend...hehe, I would share some of my favorite printable gift tags that I have found out on the web. Hope this helps some of you last minute wrappers!

Woodland Holiday Gift Tags: Download & Print HERE

Colorful Deer Tags: Download & Print HERE

Holiday Gift Tags: Download & Print HERE

21 Free Holiday Tags: Download & Print HERE

Calligraphy Printable Tags: Download & Print HERE

Sweet Holiday Tags: Download & Print HERE

Monogram Gift Tags (Come in 4 different color combos): Download & Print HERE

If you still don't have time to print, cut and punch your tags, how about stopping by your local Hardware store and pick up a few paint chips!? This is an adorable idea as well as cheap and time efficient! 

So which ones were your favorite? I am loving all of them! I might just have some pretty spectacular looking packages after all! 

Happy Happy Friday! This makes....4 more shopping days left! Get busy my friends!


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