Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Tassel Trend

Hi all! It is finally hump day and man is it HOT here in NC today! I think I will stay inside and complete some projects rather that facing the humidity.

Today we are talking trends. Are you a trend follower or are you just a trend watcher? I happen to jump on board if a trend fits my style and mood. I don't follow the trends just because the "trend makers" say that this or that trend is going to be in for the season. I pick and choose as I like. But that doesn't stop me from being a trend watcher. I love to see what specific trends will hit the fashion and decor world every year.

One trend that has seemed to make the rounds this past year is the Tassel. Every size and color!

I do love how tassels can give a subtle pop of color against a white drape or plain T-shirt. Not exactly sure how I feel about tassels on shoes and bathing suits, but I am warming up to the idea and I can appreciate others liking those fashion statements.

There are also some fun tutorials on how to make your own tassel decor such as this tassel garland below as well as this necklace & this pillow.

So what is your you like to stay on trend or do you hop on it when the mood is right?


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