Monday, June 17, 2013

Twin Bedrooms {Inspiration}

I have been hooked on twin beds since I came back from Europe last summer. I adore them for kid's rooms where they can have sleepovers or if kiddos in the house need to share a bedroom. But, I also really like them for a guest room. I like the symmetry they provide and I find twin bedrooms fun to design.

I have been thinking about this look for one of our guest rooms. What do you think? Yeah or Nah when it comes to twin bedrooms?


  1. I say yes to the twin beds! Though I wouldn't be able to sleep with deer heads over mine, the wrought iron bedroom has me in sweet dream land!

  2. I really like the look of twin beds for a guest room or children's room! I was just looking at a bunch of these on pinterest so I'm glad you made a post about them. Great inspiration!

    Marie H.

  3. I was going to say I didn't think they would be a good choice for a guest room because what about a couple staying with you...they'd want a queen bed to stay in together. I imagined coming to stay with someone and being presented with twim beds to stay in for my husband and I and then I realized what a brilliant idea it is! I love my hubby but sometimes I dream of a night's sleep in a bed all my own...and a twin bed would be fine with me for that night's sleep!! I say go for the twin beds.


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