Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Figs and Stripes

What kind of title is that? Well the kind of title where the post of the day is about Figs and Stripes! hehe

I had two minor updates in the dining room lately.

ONE- Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Yes...I joined the band wagon. I have been looking and looking all over NC for a Fig Tree. Do you know how hard that is? Well it is. I found a six foot fiddle fig tree in August and was so pumped. It was also like 20% off! I decided I would go the next day to pick it up. Was it there? NO! They had just sold it an hour before I got there. No LIE! I literally cried. I am not sure why I cried (probably hormonal), but I did. The Hubs felt so badly that he looked up Fig Trees for me and the closest one was near Atlanta. He was going to drive me just to get a fig tree. Yep...that is why I keep him!

We never did go to Atlanta for that purpose. But, the nursery where the first tree was found and lost ordered me a new one. It isn't as big, but hopefully my green thumb will help it grow. I love that pop of green in the black and white room!

TWO- Striped Lamp Shade

I was in Tar-jay a few weeks ago and came across the beauty below. I knew it would fit perfectly in my dining room. The dining room color combo is black and white. If you haven't checked out the gallery wall above the Victorian settee, you must! This room is finally coming together and I will post some pics of the whole room very soon!

And...that is why the title is called "Figs & Stripes". What do you think of the minor updates?

Stay strong....Halfway through the week people!


  1. I love the lamp Amy, it fits in so well. I've never seen a fig tree before, well up in Michigan we don't have them. So pretty in your room!

    1. Thanks Laurie! I love the fig tree and am trying to keep it alive! It loves lots of sun!

  2. Love the lamp, so chic! I'm your newest follower by the way :)

    1. Thanks Ashli! Stopping over at your place now!


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