Thursday, August 7, 2014

Master Closet Organization {Before & After}

When we moved into our home a few years ago I fell in love with the open floor plan, the four spacious bedrooms and the high ceilings. The one thing I was not too happy about was having to downsize our master closet. To some of you, you might think it is a great walk-in closet! To others you will see what I mean by a small closet. It is all about perspective...isn't it?

Well after five years I finally feel like we have used the space in this closet wisely. We went vertical with the storage which has given us ample space for our clothes. We still don't have a place for our dresses and suits, so they stay put in the guest closet. I figured since we don't wear those items all that much, is was okay they weren't joining the rest of our clothes. We both have dressers as well for our T-shirts, shorts, workout clothes and PJs.

I would have loved to get a whole closet makeover with EasyClosets or the Elfa Closet solutions at The Container Store, but it wasn't in our budget. So instead I am going to share with you how I created an organized closet using a few easy solutions and products.

First I can't share my solutions without showing you where we were a few short months ago.

(Yes, I am hanging my head in shame at the moment) We would literally just throw our clothes on top of the shelves and run! I hated this closet and I am sure my husband was sick of me saying so. 
And now the pretty picture.....

This is a "walk-in" closet, but on the left side of the closet is a full window. This leaves two very small walls for clothes. And if you remember there was a little nook to the right where we added some vertical shelves for my shoes. Definitely one of my favorite things about this closet now!

The other major solution for this closet were the cube shelves. We really needed something to organize all of our sweaters, jeans, etc. I found these shelves at Target and they fit perfectly with even a little space on top for hats and purses. 

You can see I even added a little gold touch mimicking a campaign style with washi tape. I just had to make it a bit more exciting!

The hanging rod below my clothes was another necessity when it came to our dress pant situation. I found this closet rod at The Container Store. It is adjustable and fits perfectly in the lower corner of the closet. It really expanded our hanging space without having to add a permanent lower rod. 

See Two-Toned Ikea Dresser Hack HERE

We also made use of the space behind the door by adding some hooks for hanging my bags and an outfit inspiration board. I also added some 3M hooks on the back of the door for the Hubs baseball caps. 

I am also in love with my new wooden hangers! I found a box of 24 for $12.99 at target! They add a bit of texture to the space and bring that cohesive feel to the closet. I also used them in my coat closet makeover. Can't say enough amazing things about them. Gone are the days of plastic hangers for me!

I am so very happy with how it turned out. It might not be the biggest closet, but it now has big function! I am not scared to walk in my closet anymore!

How about you? What have you been organizing on a budget lately?

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  1. wow....I love all the ideas! specially the double rod from container store is awesome one!

  2. It looks great Amy. I love all the gold touches. We have a walk in, but it isn't the largest either. I have had to get creative with ours as well to maximize the space.

  3. Looks so great Amy! You organized the space so well!

  4. You would probably like some of the organizing things sold by Linens 'n' Things like this purse organizer:
    The also sell one like it for baseball caps! I love the work you did and inspires me for when I move into my new home!

  5. Looks great Amy! Love the use of vertical space. I might have to steal it!!

  6. the inspiration board in the closet is such a great idea! also, i can't get over that IKEA inspired dresser - you did such a good job with it! xx

  7. The closet looks amazing! I just posted about color blocking my closet too -- It just makes the space look so organized! - and I love your bench!


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