Thursday, August 28, 2014

Adding Character to your home {Furniture in the bathroom}

Oh I have missed writing on this little ole blog! I guess August is just the month for crazy life. I am hoping that September will give me a little more time for projects and writing. I am excited for fall to come...time to slow down a bit!

A couple of weeks ago I found this inspirational picture on the web:

It really got me thinking about how an unique piece of furniture can really add some major character and style to a bathroom. We are so use to seeing regular vanities, stand up showers and garden tubs that really don't add much character at all. I really love the idea of taking either a vintage or industrial piece and adding it to the bathroom, whether for storage purposes or in place of a regular vanity.

Take a look at some others I found:

Atlanta Homes Mag

What do you all think? Do you have room in your bathroom for an unique piece? Could you swap out your existing vanity for something that adds a bit more character?


  1. Love the one from Atlanta homes mag. So lovely!!

  2. that image from the home in Richmond featured on Young House Love has found a place in my mental backlog - gotta keep that in mind for my future home. i love the old, eathered dressed and putting a turkish-style rung in a bathroom like that is genious.
    welcome back, friend, i look forward to seeing lots more inspiration over here in the fall! xo


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