Friday, July 19, 2013

How to Rock out a {Crystal Chandelier}

Happy Friday to one and all! Whew...glad we all made it through the week. Thank you for all of your kind words on our last Flip home. We have already gotten 8 showings within four days. Hope this one sells quickly!

This past week, my aunt contacted me about what I thought about this crystal chandelier....

My cousin doesn't want to keep it because he thinks he wants to go a different direction with his decorating. I thought it was gorgeous and I found out it came original to the home. He recently moved into a historic district in his city. And this is his fabulous home!

Doesn't it remind you of the Father of the Bride house? Totally!

Anyway, my aunt was trying to convince my cousin to keep the chandelier. So I sent a few ideas his way so  he could see how to totally rock the crystal chandelier without keeping the same feel of the room. I know he wants to take it down, but look at all these gorgeous spaces with crystal chandeliers! Some are traditional rooms and some are more modern. But, they all rock a crystal chandelier well.

source unknown

New England Home

Mary McDonald

Coastal Living

source- BHG

It is my opinion that no matter the style he wants to go for, he can achieve it with the crystal chandelier. Do you agree or disagree? 

He might even want to take the shades off and add some more modern looking bulbs like my friend did Here or I did Here.

Which inspiration was your favorite? Would you keep the original crystal chandelier?

Happy Friday All!


  1. Great mix of chandy styling pics. My top two favs {and very different styles, so that continues to prove your point} is the minty green DR {first pic} and the modern B&W DR {second pic}. Just because the chandy conveyed with the purchase of your cousin's house doesn't necessarily mean it is original to the dwelling, but the "quiet elegance" of the house and chandy certainly are congruent. I'm sure there's a lovely dressing area, study or MB in the house where the chandy would look lovely too if he's determined not to keep it in the DR. Does he know how many bloggers swoon over that kind of fixture ... and from that perspective, if he doesn't want it he should have no problem selling it. Enjoy your weekend Amy :)

    1. Great advice Robin! He definitely could move it to another room. So wish they lived close because I would be over there taking it down and putting it up in my own house!

  2. I love Chrystal chandeliers! I am looking for one just like that for my bedroom. He should remove the shades and polish that baby!

  3. Most definitely keep it. First, it would be a shame to get rid of it since it is original to the home. Secondly, crystal chandys are really popular now. And thirdly, as you say, it can go with anything. It would look great with mid-century modern or sleek contemporary as well as with a casual burlapey or beachey look or a more formal, traditional look. The chandy is a "neutral" so he can use it no matter what!!

    1. Agreed and agreed! Thanks so much for your advice and approval!

  4. Keep it!!!!! Especially since it's original to the home! Crystal chandeliers are where it's at. I have one picked out for my dining room. It's $8000. Pretty much never going to happen. A girl can dream....

    1. Wow! Totally agree! Just keep saving your pennies girl!

  5. Coastal living and cottage and vine are my favorites. I feel you can never go wrong with a chandelier, hope he decides to keep it!

  6. I really liked your blog having interesting information about white crystal chandelier.It is my opinion that no matter the style my friends wants to go for, he can achieve it with the crystal chandelier.


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