Monday, July 29, 2013

Master Bathroom Before & Design Plan

Hope all you lovelies had a great weekend! My sweet niece turned one year old this past week and we had a wonderful little party for her. We also got to accomplish some small organizing projects around this joint!

Some of you may remember my New Years Resolutions that I made for our home in January. I was looking back on those Goals and realized I need to kick myself into high gear if I am going to finish all of them in 2013. I have gotten a lot done in the Hubs Office. I started the organization of our Master Closet with these hooks and pinspiration board and our Master bathroom everyday supplies were organized here. However, I realized that I haven't even touched updating the Master bathroom!

So..I am thinking that if I say all of my design plans on here in front of all of you, that I will start getting motivated to tackle the Master Bath! {A girl can wish you know!}

Let's talk about a Design Plan People...
Just to let you know, we don't want to spend a fortune in here because we are only planning on staying in our home for about 3 more years. We want to update it and make it a space we enjoy to be in, but don't want to spend money on granite counter tops, tile floors, etc. We are just looking for a face-lift of sorts. 

When you walk straight into the bathroom their is a stand up shower with a glass door. I am not going to change anything there, but just to the left of the shower is this soaking tub. We use this a lot in the fall and winter and I am thinking that a Roman shade mounted high above the blocked window would add a little excitement like the picture below:

To the left of the tub is the toilet area. Wouldn't it be amazing to do some custom shelving above the half wall like this:

I am also thinking some floating shelves above the toilet and white subway tile around the soaking tub like this:

Our double vanity is on the opposite side of the bathroom from the tub and toilet. The faucets and sinks are in great shape, so I want to make sure we keep them and save a little money. 

However, I am thinking that I want to change up the vanity with some paint and new hardware. The vanity itself has taken a little bit of a beating and the laminate wood is starting to chip.

I am picturing a darker vanity like below with either Lucite or glass hardware:

The floors in the bathroom are just vinyl, but they are in great shape and this would be one area we could save money on. We are probably going to keep our home and rent it out when we move in a few years, so if we keep the vinyl we would have a lot less maintenance in the end. 

Last, but certainly not least is the lighting and the mirror. I am a little stuck on what to do with these fantastic bell lights (do you hear the sarcasm?) I am still trying to find a better option for this space. These are definitely cheap builder grade lights. I am thinking we could salvage these and use them in one of our flip homes!

Also, I really want to frame out that mirror and create a more custom look. I am visioning a black glossy frame that would really pop!

Colors...well I want to paint the walls white and the vanity a dark gray or deep blue/black.

I am tossing a few paint choices around:

Slate by Restoration Hardware
Urban Bronze by Sherwin Williams
Iron Ore by Sherwin  Williams
Dovetail by Sherwin Williams

So what do you all think? Any advice or ideas you might have for me to consider in my bathroom?

Here's to a fantastic new week!

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  1. I love love love all of your inspiration photos! Grey is one of my favorite decorating colors so I love your color options! Yes for the roman shade! Lucite hardware makes me swoon. All of the built-in shelves would add so much loveliness to the space! Have you checked out Lowe's for new glass for your existing light fixture? They have some pretty nice options! If you're moving soon then don't dump a ton of money into a remodel because you'll never see a return on your investment. :( I'm speaking from past experience!


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