Monday, April 29, 2013

Reader's Design Dilemma- NEED Pictures from all of YOU!!

Hello Hello and Happy Monday!?

I am in a weird mood today where my brain is just not being very creative. Maybe it is because I took benadryl before bed last night or that it is Monday morning. Whatever it is I have a little bit of decorating block today. So instead I wanted to announce that since last week's post on my Reader's Design Dilemma was so popular and anyone can use help decorating or organizing some place in their home,....I am going to offer a little help on the blog over the next few weeks.

Each week I will pick one reader's space where I will help find inspiration and sources to fix the dilemma's in your home. Then I will share the sources and inspiration pictures right here on Eat.Sleep.Decorate.!! And...because my readers are so awesome, you all will get to chime in as well. The more ideas and suggestions the more beautiful your space will become!


I need at least 5 decent before pictures of the space that you need the most help with. It can be a closet that needs organizing, a room that needs help finding sources for a perfect night stand, a hutch that needs staging or a nursery that needs to morph into a big kids room. So in other words...WHATEVER!!

Please send a description of what you would like to see done with your space as well as the 5 photographs to get going!! I can't wait to see what dilemma's you all have in store for me...BRING IT ON!!

Be back tomorrow with some beautiful inspiration pics!


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