Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bringing the Indoors Out!

You know the saying "bringing the outdoors in". Well that is very true with decorating your home. You want to bring some natural elements and color from the outside into your home using plants, sisal rugs, bamboo blinds, etc. BUT when the weather starts to get nice and you want to spend more time outdoors, why not bring the indoors out?

Most of us either have a front porch, back patio, deck or natural area in our yard where we can set up a relaxing space to enjoy during the warmer months. In order to really create a space that is usable and relaxing you must bring some elements that are inside your home to your outside space.

How about a neat light fixture whether it be a chandelier, fan, lantern or candles in mason jars!?

Adding some fun colorful pillows with lots of pattern can make you want to enjoy some free time in a fun filled space!

What about a patio rug? This can give the space some texture and make you feel like you are sitting in your living room. There are so many great options when it comes to outdoor rugs. They are easy to maintain with a spray of a hose and most have sun resistant built in so the colors won't fade.

Adding some privacy panels or drapes help soften the wood textures in nature and make for a serene place to take a nap!

How about some fun art, a mirror & accessories?!  Using wrought Iron pieces or even bold canvas pieces make a large impact on the space as well as make the space feel like you are inside your home. Add some neat colorful pottery to your outdoor space and immediately your porch, patio or deck feel like an extension of your home!

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How do you all bring the Indoors Out when the warmer weather comes!?


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