Monday, April 15, 2013

My Weekend View...

Hello my peeps! Oh how I have missed all of you and missed blogging. I needed a little blogging break last week since life has been busy with house flipping and just getting organized with business. I am now refreshed and ready to rock this week. I am excited to share so many ideas and DIY's that I wish I could post them all today!

My weekend was filled with fun and also a little relaxation. Did you see the yucky yellow pollen that I posted on Instagram? (@eatsleepdecor) It has kept us indoors most of the weekend. If you have walked out the door you would have been covered!! I was so bummed that we couldn't keep the windows open because of this gross stuff too! Hopefully we will get a great rain and wash it all away. I  am sitting here complaining about the pollen when half of you are probably still stuck in snow! I can't believe I saw some snow pictures on Instagram yesterday from some of my Northern friends. So Sorry! I will be sending warm weather waves your way today!!

The Hubs decided to buy his own set of aerating shoes this year to save money. He might have saved money, but definitely didn't save any time! He was out there from 6:00-9:30 one evening aerating and seeding. I had to get a picture because I thought it was hilarious!

I stopped at HomeGoods this past weekend and saw this neat artwork. It is hard to tell from this picture, but it was very large and the white sea urchins are actually raised to feel like 3-D! I didn't buy it, but I thought I might be able to replicate it! What do you think?

I also took my dad to an antique car show in our little town. I am not really a car girl, but loved all the brightly colored vehicles! I thought it would be so neat to take pictures of the different bumpers and taillights to be framed for a little boys room. Wouldn't that be amazing!?

Our town also had local artists painting all of the historic buildings in town. At the end of the evening they lined up to be judged. I never did stick around to see who won, but let me tell you...we have some talented artists in the Raleigh area!

I got to help surprise a good friend on this 30th birthday with a casino night!

Each one of us got $10,000 to gamble with. (not a real $10,000..I wish!) 

He was surprised!!!

How adorable is this cake and these cupcakes!? The sister-in law made it! Those dice are made out of fondant! They looked so real!

Sunday was a day of rest. The Hubs and I read blogs and watched The Masters (well I took a Master's nap). This was my view Sunday afternoon....

Last, but certainly not least... my mama and I toured the local nursery and dreamed of what our gardens could look like. I have started planting a little, but I can't wait to really dive in this next weekend.

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend too! Is it Spring weather where you are or are you knee deep in that yucky white stuff?

See you back here tomorrow for a little DIY!


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