Thursday, April 18, 2013

When Procrastinating... I {Organize}!!

When some people are procrastinating or get distracted from the task at hand they are usually watching TV, reading books, answering the kids questions, talking on the phone...etc. When I procrastinate....I Organize something! I know that sounds weird, but I love to organize and this will definitely keep me occupied for quite a while if I am trying to avoid doing something else.

That is just what I did the other day. I was suppose to be doing the laundry and putting away all the clothes and such from our last trip when I noticed that my vanity drawers were getting a little out of control. They needed a good wipe down and there were products that needed to be thrown away!

I have had these drawer organizers for a while now and I couldn't live without them. (well..I could, but don't want to!) Each compartment has its own identity!

I also decided (thanks to pinterest) that I would leave my brushes out so they would be more accessible for me to get ready in the morning! I used a little round vase that I got at Walmart for .75c and some pebbles I had leftover from a previous project that I got at Crate and Barrel. 

From there I added my $2.00 antique tray from the thrift store to hold my most frequently used beauty supplies.

Don't you love these acrylic containers? Found at The Container Store a couple years ago.

I am so glad I decided to procrastinate the other day!! (minus the loads of laundry that still need folding)

How about you...what do you like to do when you are procrastinating!?


  1. I've been wanting to add a display tray on my bathroom counter for a while now. I keep procrastinating getting it done.... I read blogs, eat junk food, and watch TV when I procrastinate. You can come to my house and procrastinate with your drawer organizers any time....

  2. Usually when I'm procrastinating, I'm on the computer. I need to take your road instead. Love how you organized your personal care things, and love that bowl!

  3. I'll go to put something away in the garage and spend the next two hours organizing the tool chest! Just this morning, I reached under my kitchen sink for a roll of paper towel, and ended up reorganizing the entire cupboard! I don't know if you'd call that procrastination... but I get easily distracted from whatever I'm doing when I see a space that needs organizing!
    You're bathroom looks great, Amy! I love your vintage tray!
    ~ Wendi

    1. Sounds like we were separated at birth! HA! I love a good organized home.
      Thanks Wendi!

  4. I read blogs when I'm procrastinating! Ha! I love the idea of putting your make up brushes in a container like that. Very clever! I need to get some of those drawer organizers. :)


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