Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Changing up the Ole Bar Stools

Do you ever just sit and stare at the interiors for your home? No!...well I do! You all might think I am a little quirky, but I notice every detail of everything! Ask my momma!

One day I was sitting in a different spot in my living room looking over into my kitchen and I saw this...

Some of you are like...well yeah. So what? I noticed a lot of maple wood. Don't get me wrong, I like my maple cabinets but having those bar stools match the maple cabinets is a little TOO much maple for my liking. I absolutely adore my West Elm Pendants and wanted to add either a little pop of color with my bar stools or maybe a little industrial metal to tie in those pendants.

I love Emily's bar stools that she purchased on overstock (2 for $99)!!
They really add a punch of color to her darker cabinets.

Here are a couple of others I found on the web that I like:
source unknown

These bar stools are very similar to mine. I guess I could always paint mine a fun color?!

Again...I am drawn to that industrial look as well. 

I found a few different choices around the web that might interest you (or not)!

Overstock: (2 for $99) Come in a variety of colors and your choice for bar or counter height! Wouldn't the yellow give my kitchen a little pop?

Or I could go with more of a vintage/industrial look with these guys. Once again Overstock (2 for $109).

This vintage drafting stool interests me as well. I like the wood and metal mix. World Market $119.99.

These ribbon bar stools from West Elm are also adorable..but only have the red one left.
Won't work in my space, but the red is on sale!! ($89.99 for bar height & $79.99 for counter)

So many decisions...what is a girl suppose to do? What do you all think?

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  1. Amy, I love this post! I am struggling with my bar stools now to and don't know what to do! They are metal, black and my cabinets are really dark (almost black) I was thinking of something subtle or a big pop but you have inspired me! I love the industrial metal look, I think I will go that route after seeing this. Just need to find the right color spray paint.

    1. You can never go wrong with a little spray paint! I may end up doing that with the ones I already have just to save a little money. Let me know how yours turns out!

    2. I started on them today. Found Stainless Steel spray paint. It will probably take all weekend but you will see a blog post soon!

  2. I like your current barstools, but I can understand why you might want to eliminate some of the wood to create contrast and/or create a pop of color. I prefer barstools with chair backs because I find them more comfortable. If this was my kitchen, I'd be inclined to look for a color to paint my existing barstools.

    1. That is also a great idea! I might just paint the ones I have!

  3. So happy that you posted this!!! I love the stools from overstock, and I love the price. I have been debating what to do with mine. I got them at a garage sale - they were nearly new - and are black like my DR chairs. BUT - they're just a bit too tall and it drives me crazy. And I wanted to add some color too. So I may have to buy new ones. Love the yellow also. I'm rambling but I'm super excited now! Thanks Amy!

  4. I just recently found your blog and I love it!! I really like the yellow ones from overstock. You could also just paint your current ones a different color. I have maple cabinets too, but mine are a bit lighter that yours. I bought matching maple bar stools when we had the house built, but I've been thinking of painting them too. I'm clearly not as exciting as you because I was just thinking of painting them white. :) I've already recovered the seats on them twice. I just kept finding prettier fabric. :)

    1. I am just crazy about color and since my kitchen is pretty neutral I am thinking a pop of some kind of color. I could save a little money and just paint mine as well. We will see! I do like the thought of white. It is calming and will go with just about anything! So glad you found Eat.Sleep.Decorate! Thanks for commenting!

  5. Instead of painting the stools, why not make a fabric slipcover for the back. This way you keep the natural wood tone on the bottom, but you can add that pop of color. You could coordinate the fabric with colors from your kitchen. Find a colorful print, solid color, whatever suits your fancy. Could even make them to coordinate the various holidays!

  6. Insteaad of painting the wood, why not make a slipcover for the back. It will let you keep the natural wood on the stools, but you'll get the pop of color you want. Use fabric that pulls the colors of your kitchen or just something fun that you like. Think vibrant print, solid, monogram .. whatever suits your fancy.

    It's easy enough to change them out (i.e., make ones for different seasons, holidays) and easy to clean as well (throw in the laundry and you're done!).

    1. That is a fantastic idea Roberta! I might have to try something like that to save a little money!


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