Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Storage Finds {Target & HomeGoods}

I had a little break between appointments yesterday and decided to stop off at a couple of stores to see what was new and fresh! (and what I was missing out on) I really haven't been shopping since Christmas, so I was excited to have the time to browse.

The first store I hit was can never go wrong (and can never leave without spending something)! I was touring the store for some good organization and storage solutions. Even though I absolutely LOVE The Container Store, I am really trying to keep my budget down in 2013 and find other storage solutions.

Who else always starts in the $1 section at Target!?? You can find some great ideas for a Fab price! I love these little metal buckets. They would be great for kids craft supplies or even an office space. Why not use the chalk label bucket to organize items in your pantry or linen closet?

My next stop is always the wrapping section. I know...weird right? But look at what I discovered. These wonderful boxes for a great price! These little beauties would be perfect for a master closet or little girls room! The possibilities are endless.

I still love me some chevron...don't care what anyone says. Especially in black and white! You could use these in any room of the house to organize magazines, toys, gloves, hats or school supplies.

These plastic tubs are wonderful! I have two of them that house my niece and nephew's toys. I have also used them for ice and drinks for summer parties at a nearby park. 

sorry pic is blurry

I saw these canvas bins and baskets a couple of weeks ago. They are fantastic for linen closets or laundry spaces like mine

I also used these plastic weave baskets in my laundry closet makeover last year. I had many compliments on these and where to find them....well they are back and so useful!

I then headed to the office supplies. I thought these little canvas drawers would be great in the Hub's office. They could help him organize all of his supplies and/or cords to electronics. 

Oh favorite find of the day. Did you know that Nate Berkus now has his own office line? Well...if it ain't Martha...Nate is the next best thing! I think they just came out with it this week because the shelves were stocked and I can't find any of these items online. I do love those gold and white striped cork and white boards. Aren't they fabulous? I can feel a DIY coming on. 

My next stop was HomeGoods. Doesn't that place just make you Happy!? And how about these great cabinets in bright colors. For only $129!! They would be great in an office or entryway. They would give a little punch to a boring space. 

Now...this leather ottoman is a great find. If my brother wasn't already building me a coffee table, I would have jumped on this. It has an ample amount of storage space for whatever! I know it is hard to see in the picture, but there is also a removable tray where you could store remotes, DVDs or Candy! It was a great soft linen color. Not bright white like the picture shows. Someone please go and buy it!!

Lots of Colors! These hangers are the Huggable kind. They are very thin, but durable. You can fit more clothes in your closet because they really save on space. I might have to try using these in my closet makeover. We need all the help we can get!

So what caught your eye? What are you going to run out and buy right now to help you with your 2013 organizing goals?

Happy Organizing!


  1. I used the plastic weave baskets from Target in our basement Media Room. We have a red & black color scheme, and I got a number of the red ones to store and organize video games and all the cords, remotes, etc. They sit on an open shelf but they look good b/c the red baskets are cute & tie in with my colors. And BTW, what are people saying about Chevron? Is it SOOO 2011? That is one thing about decorating that wears me out--we spend all this time & money updating only to be "outdated" within a few years. Really do you think Chevron is getting outdated? :)

    1. Sounds like you are very organized! My take on what is in and what is out....I think whatever you love and makes your home reflect your personality and style is what you should do! Some people are saying that chevron is getting old and some are saying they just love it. With fads like Chevron, it is best to add them in small doses so it is easier to change out: pillows, throws, towels, lined bookcases, etc. So don't waste time & money thinking you have to keep up with the jones's. Just create a home that makes you happy!

  2. Oh no, now I have to head to Target to pick up some of those bins. Gotta figure out a way to hide that purchase too.

  3. I do love me some Target and Homegoods!! We are remodeling our mudroom (again) to make it more functional and I really need to go pick up some bins. I've been looking for wall pockets but they're either too officey (we don't want plastic bins) or too pricey (Ballard and PB have wooden ones I love). Hopefully, I will get a chance to do some shopping today so we can tear that room apart over the weekend. Or I could shop while James does all the work, that sounds even better yet!

    1. I did see some wall pockets at HomeGoods. They were metal...don't know if that would work in your space or not! Good luck!

  4. You found some great stuff Amy! I love shopping for bins and baskets. Love it!!! The canvas bins at Target are so pretty - I haven't seen those in the store yet. You may have just fueled a fire....

    1. I know...I am slightly obsessed with Target's organization sections! I might go broke!


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