Thursday, January 10, 2013

Investment Home {Paint & Granite} Updates

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to our new Flip/Investment Home. If you missed some of the before pictures you can go here.

We have been making some great progress and will hopefully be done with this little place sometime next week. If you remember our other investment property took us 6 months to finish!! This one has only taken us just about a month. It really needed just some good lovin.

Here is a little update with the new exterior paint colors:
I love how the new colors bring a little more richness to the place. We have also added new railings as the other ones were falling off of the front porch. We are hoping to get these painted next week.

The Exterior paint colors that were used:
Siding Color: Sandy Hook- Benjamin Moore
Shutters and side door Color: Kendall Charcoal-Benjamin Moore
Front Door Color: Real Red-Sherwin Williams

The back deck has been totally redone. There weren't any stairs coming off of the back deck, so you could only access the deck from the living room. Weird huh? Now the new owners can get to their back yard without having to walk around the side of the house.

Remember what the fireplace looked like before?

Well it is getting a little face lift right now....

I got the inspiration from this photo:
source unknown

I love the clean lines that it brings into the room as well as that craftsman style feel. We won't be taking the molding all the way to the ceiling, but isn't it divine!?

Oh and can't forget about the awesome kitchen:

It is getting a beauty makeover as well!
The granite is called: Giallo Ornamental

It really looks nice against the all white cabinets. We are going to be adding black appliances to this home to keep some of the costs down, but they are really nice and will look fantastic with this new counter top!

So what do you all think of the updates so far? We are very happy with how it is turning out. I should have some after pictures up hopefully next week, if all goes as planned (which never happens in this business)!

Ciao...for now!


  1. Wow Amy - It's looking really good!! I really love the exterior colors that you chose. What a difference!
    Good luck finishing up - looking forward to the pics.

    1. Thanks so much! We will hopefully have it finished next week!

  2. I love every single thing you have done so far. It looks so fresh!

    1. Thanks Carrie! It does look 10 times better! Almost finished...

  3. Is this home in Durant Trails? I feel like I have driven by it numerous times. It just looks SO familiar. I live down the street from Durant Trails and my hubby and I have been looking in the neighborhood for a new home (hopefully that will actually happen in the next year or two!).

    1. No...this is in a neighborhood south of Raleigh. When you are all ready to find a home, let us know! We are realtors in the area and would love to find you a home you want to live in!

  4. oh this is sooooo pretty !!
    thanks for sharing
    great job !! i know you will enjoy the new look!


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