Thursday, January 17, 2013

{No Sew} Faux Roman Shade

Well I did it...I actually tried one of my "pins" on Pinterest and created something I probably wouldn't have without the lovely and addicting Pinterest!!

I created a new little Faux Roman Shade for above the sink in my kitchen. I needed a change from the same ole plain valence. I found these wonderful instructions HERE. These directions were great and easy to follow. So if I start getting confusing with my directions, make sure you go and click the above link! 

I was so excited to get started that I didn't even bother to take the old hardware off the wall....oopps! The lighting has also been awful this week due to blah weather, so sorry for the lame pics! I will try and get some better ones up asap!

To make the Faux Roman Shade you will need:

*Fabric of your choice. I only used one yard for this window. You will have to measure to see.
*Stitch Witchery
*3 small tension rods (found mine at Target)
*Fabric Scissors

First measure your window (mine was 34"w x 36"l). I cut my fabric to leave a half of an inch on either side (width). It doesn't matter how long the fabric is because you can always trim it once in place if need be. (Adjustment: I would leave an inch on either side)

Then Iron the whole fabric so it will be neatly pressed.

Next, you flip the fabric over so the right sides are face down on the ironing board. Then start cutting pieces of the stitch witchery and lay it right along the edges of each side. 

Next you turn the wrong side of the fabric over the stitch witchery and press with a hot iron. Make sure you can't see any of the stitch witchery because if your iron hits that will stick like crazy!

Once your fabric has all sides edged you take the top of your fabric and bring it down to the bottom of your fabric with wrong sides together. Use another pieces of stitch witchery to stick those together. You should now have one big loop of fabric. (sorry forgot to take a pic)

Now...take one of the tension rods and feed it through the fabric so the seam is at the bottom hanging down.

Fabric should have the right sides facing out like you want to see on your window.

Place the first rod in place with fabric hanging down your window. Then add the second tension rod in front of the fabric. Loop the fabric over that rod. Then do the same with the third rod.

Adjust as you may...then you should have a  pretty little window treatment like so:

Once I measured the window, this project really only took me like 30 minutes!! You can tell in a couple of my pictures that you can see the tension rods just a bit. I probably should have allowed for a little more fabric on each side so that when I turned the sides under with the stitch witchery the edges would have come all the way to touch the window frames.

I might just add a little trim to the sides one of these days. Over all a cheap and easy project! I am glad I tried my hand at something new!

Not to shabby...what do you think? Have you ever tried something on Pinterest and it worked or was it an utter failure!?

If you aren't following me on Pinterest, then shame on you! (just kidding of course)

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  1. I love this! I just bought fabric to make shades yesterday, I think I'll do them this way!

  2. Your kitchen window looks almost exactly like mine, and I really need something to block the sun that blinds me every morning. I need to give this a try. The only Pinterest project I have tried (other than recipes) is installing a cafe rod on my closet wall to hang necklaces. It really does keep them organized/untangled and now that I actually see all of them, I am much more likely to wear them.

  3. you make this seem easy. i'm going to (possibly) try this...or at the very least i'm not going to give away the tension rods i was going to!

    1. I promise it wasn't hard at all! No sewing...just some measuring and ironing and you are good to go!

  4. I think roman shades are the most adorable shades/blinds out there. You can DIY your own shades and match your room’s theme. It even looks elegant because of the way it folds. The print that you chose looks amazing in your kitchen!

    1. Thanks Rene! I agree with roman shades being the most versatile window covering out there!!

  5. Love this so much!


  6. Love your choice of fabric and curtain style! I have a quick question for you.

    Once you edged all four sides, did you fold the piece in half wrong sides together and stitch witchery the top and bottom together?? In other words, does the right side of the fabric also show from the outside??

    I have bought three tension rods from jcpenney! Thanks in advance for your response!!! Joyce

    1. Thanks Joyce...sorry I am just getting back to your question. YES...I did stitch witchery them so that you can see the right side of the fabric from both sides! Thanks for your question!

  7. Just finished two curtains for the guest bedroom. Thank you for the great idea!

    1. Great Carol! If you have pictures..send them on over! Would love to see how they turned out!


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