Friday, January 4, 2013

{HGTV} Dream Home 2013

On New Years Day I was so excited to find that HGTV was going to be showing the new Dream Home that  night!! I really use to be quite obsessed with HGTV, now I think Pinterest has taken over! :)

Anyway, I called up my mom and told her she MUST watch it and that she MUST be entering every day till February 14th!

This years Dream Home is located on Kiawah Island, SC. If you have never been there before, you must put it on your list! It is very beautiful. The Island itself doesn't have much on it except beautiful homes, miles and miles of bike trails and a few golf courses. But that is the beauty of the island. They have really tried hard to preserve the nature that surrounds Kiawah.

All of the furniture inside the home was purchased from Ethan Allen. So right there you know the home is going to be quite gorgeous! Let's take a little tour....shall we......

Beautiful entrance way with built in bench. This bench would even be cozy to take a nap on!

Gorgeous great room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the marsh. I am totally in love with the iron gate over the fireplace. You might find it a bit odd, but it really resembles the features of Charleston Homes. Charleston, SC is just minutes away!

The neutral palette with pops of green to bring the outdoors in is just beautiful! Check out how they used two coffee tables to create one large one.

Again...a soft neutral color scheme with subtle pops of blue are so soothing. French doors out onto the deck would be perfect for a morning coffee! Let's check out what is out on the deck shall we.....

Ummm...Hello! This amazing view and...

A Lap pool! Sweet! So private with all of the greenery that surrounds this home.

One thing that didn't really impress me was the kitchen. I understand why they wanted it to be sleek and plain, but I feel as though there is something missing. Do you agree or do you totally love this look?

However, I was not disappointed in the pantry! It is so chic and feels like a classy office!

Now the dining room left me speechless and that is hard to do people! It has its own prep area with the grey cabinets as well as those fabulous double chandeliers! Sophisticated, but not too over the top.

How about this adorable powder room that also brings that chartreuse green to life!

Now to the upstairs.... Nope we aren't done!!

Soothing blue and whites....fabulous four poster bed with a twist!

Guest bathroom number 1. White with a pop of black. So clean and classy.

Bright and cheery twin room. The bright blues are brought down a notch with the subtle stripes on the walls.

Bright guest bathroom to go with the bright twin room. You can never go wrong with a seamless shower and carrara marble floors! 

One of my favorite rooms, but I don't know how you really can choose. This loft is just magnificent with the view of the architectural beams in the ceiling. You also have an amazing view of the outside through the floor to ceiling windows in the great room. 

Last but certainly not least....this "playroom" which is next to the garage. You can take a nap, watch TV and pay ping pong all at the same time, while looking out at the beautiful marsh. WOW!

And....all of this can be YOURS if you enter the HGTV giveaway here. But just so you is probably a waste of time to apply each day because...I am going to win! :)

What do you think of this fabulous home? What rooms were your favorite and which ones would you change?

P.S. I was not paid by HGTV to write this post. (I only wish) I am just slightly obsessed with beautiful homes and who can pass up talking about a giveaway rated at $2,000,000!!

P.P.S. All of the pictures were taken from the HGTV website. If you would like to see even more features go here.


  1. OMG, I die. It's impossible to pick a favorite, though I would hurt somebody for that pantry. Do you know if they do tours? I'm only 45 min away!!! I'm going to go enter the sweeps right now. Watch out!

    1. That would be awesome if you could go and tour, but I am not sure if it is open to the public. You might want to check the HGTV website.

  2. As we watched the original airing of the show both hubby and I said that we definitely could live in that house with few or no changes ... this is the first time we've said that about an HGTV "Dream House". If in fact you use this house as a vacation home then I think the kitchen is right on ... no fuss, no muss, smooth easy to clean and keep shining surfaces ... ditch those vases flanking the cooktop though. The loft is perfection in both architecture and decor; seriously considering that wall color in hopes of creating a little "get away" feeling right here at home. Was surprised at how minimal the outdoor cooking area was: a somewhat large grill literally stuck in a sunless / viewless dark corner felt very much like an afterthought and was a totally a missed opportunity for vacation cooking. Heck, even in rain and snow we venture onto our deck to grill throughout the year ... to me an indoor grill cooktop is.not.the.same.

    1. I couldn't agree with you more Robin. Get rid of those ugly vases in the kitchen. I would totally want the grill where you entertain....on the deck, not below. I would think more people would be out on the deck looking at the view rather than underneath playing ping pong. We also grill year round even if we need an umbrella to flip our burgers! :)

  3. Amy --- I love your posts but you have it slightly wrong because ---- I am the one who will be the winner!!! But do not fret, because you will have an open invitation to visit as often as you like. Seriously though --- that place is gorgeous -- thanks for sharing.

    1. HA! I would love to come and visit you if you win! You just let me know when! Thanks for reading!

  4. Amy --- I love your posts but you have it slightly wrong because ---- I am the one who will be the winner!!! But do not fret, because you will have an open invitation to visit as often as you like. Seriously though --- that place is gorgeous -- thanks for sharing.


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