Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pillows....Pillows and More....Pillows

Yes, I am going to talk about Pillows today! HA! You all know how much I like a little "Bling" in each room. Well, I have been working on adding some holiday "bling" to the living room and dining area.

A couple of months ago, I taught you all how to make "Sew" Easy Pillows. I knew that these were quick and easy, so I decided to try them out again on some holiday pillows.

I saw these tree napkins at World Market and I just had to have!

First, I ironed the napkins flat, then pinned them right sides together
near the already sewn seams.

Next, I used my handy dandy sewing machine and stitched three sides together. I made sure to sew very close to the seam of the napkins because once I turned the pillows, I didn't want any of the old seam to show.

Before I turned the pillow covers right side out, I decided to add some Velcro to the bottom of the last side. If you remember from my "Sew" Easy post, I actually put the pillow form inside and stitched the last side up. Well....because I am trying to save a little money people!.....I am reusing pillow forms that I already had. So I wanted to make it easy to just take the cover right off after the holidays.

Finally, I turned the cover right side out and gave her a little stuff......

Closed her up tight.....



Loving these little ladies! I ended up making two for the living room couch! They are fun and even add a little modern touch to the classic holiday decor!
I might even keep these up all winter!

Come back tomorrow to see my Naughty or Nice Pillows!

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