Monday, December 12, 2011

{Christmas} Mantel Update

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. We were partying it up all weekend with holiday parties and 30th birthdays! I just love this time of year!

It was finally sunny for a couple days in a row so I could get some picture of our Christmas Mantel. I really enjoyed putting my mantel together this year. It looks much different from last Christmas. I wanted something simple and a little modern.

It all started with these beautiful Felt Balls:

They tell you how to make these beauties on pinterest....but I didn't have time for all that, so I bought two packages of 100 for $25.00. I figured that was worth my money!
Ornamentea is a fabulous bead and craft store in the Raleigh area if you are looking for a neat place to find some crafting ideas! The people who work there are also wonderful!

I used a thin needle and some silver floss and strung the felt balls to make a pretty garland for under the mantel.

I hung the garland by using some clear 3M mini hooks! You can't even see them!

I also strung some garland and hung it around these wooden trees that I bought from Khol's last year. I like the funk they bring to a rustic tree!

I liked the felt theme so much that I also bought 3 packs of off-white felt balls and made this wreath....I need to go back and get some more because it isn't quite finished, but done enough for this season! All I did was buy a medium size styrofoam wreath from Michael's and hot glued the felt balls around the wreath. I believe this is like 200 felt balls and I'm still not finished!

I was inspired by this wreath from West Elm:

I added these sparkley ornaments from Target to the mantel....

As well as these reindeer from Target and placed them both on top of some extra felt roving I had around the house.

All in all I thought it turned out pretty cute! It definitely isn't your traditional mantel!

Here is how my mantel has evolved over the past few months:

        Halloween Mantel                                                         Fall Mantel

And Now.....
 Christmas Mantel

Do you think it would be so bad to leave it up all winter!!!??? I kinda like love it!

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  1. I LOOOOOOVE the felt garland and those colors!!!! I would DEF leave it up all winter! Can you make me some too? =) Great job! Thank you for sharing and for linking up!! xoxo shelli

  2. Love the felt balls in the garland and on your wreath. I LOVE those rustic trees....they are adorable! Love your mantel!

  3. Love the felt ball wreath! So cute :) I will have to make that instead of the ornament wreath next year. Thanks for your creative genius!


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