Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sewing Room Gone Chic!

I have been very excited to share this post with you for quite sometime. If you have been following my blog, you know how wonderfully talented my mother-in law Barb is!

A few weeks ago she shared her sewing talents with all of you for my first giveaway. She has been designing patterns for a very well-known website called Quilt Woman. She spends hours upon hours designing and creating each week.

Well...over this past summer she had her sewing room redone. When I say "Redone" I mean totally transformed from what it once was.

Unfortunately, I don't have any before pictures. Lets just say....the walls were once white, floors were mauve carpet, and there was a lot of clutter that made it hard to even walk in the space. I know that she felt cramped and would get frustrated trying to find items because it wasn't organized the way she wanted. (Now you know why we get along so well!)

I asked my dad to go over and take some pictures of this absolutely fantastic room. (Thanks Dad!)

 And...without anymore blabbing from it is!

Isn't it just amazing? She had a contractor come in and help design every inch of this space so it would be usable for her. Mom actually has room to walk around without bumping into anything. She has her fabrics organized by color and has a large work space for 2 sewing machines as well as her embroidery machine.

These canvas containers are from The Container Store and house her colored fat quarters. She has even marked them on the vintage tags that hang from the zipper.

How about these darling vintage sewing machines that she has collected over the years?
Cute. Cute. Cute!

The contractor even built the sewing station around these Ikea drawers to save on money! (I guess hand made drawers are time consuming leading to higher costs!)

I bet mom really just hangs out on this window seat and sips her tea while reading a romance novel all day! (I would! HA!)

Don't forget about this little Venetian beauty! I love the feminine touch it brings to the space! SO CHIC!

Ahhh...don't you want to just keep looking?!!

 LAST Look!

Hope you all enjoyed this Fabulous Space! I think I need a craft room for me! Better start putting a bug in the Hub's ear!

Thanks Mom H. for letting me show off your amazing sewing space! Also a special thank-you to my dad for taking all of the pictures. I do wish I had him close by to take all my bloggin pics!

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  1. Hi Amy,
    Great pics, they really do the space justice. It was a lot of fun to create this space for your Mom. She is really talented at sewing. I made the mistake of showing my wife the pictures and now she is mad at me for making something so nice for somebody else and wants something like this for herself. How does that saying go...The shoemaker's kids never have shoes, it also applies to contractors. Thanks for posting again.
    Tim J
    Pinnacle Home Improvement

  2. Well done! I love the colors used within the space and the overall feel. It seems to really compliment your home's age.

  3. THis is just beautiful and so conducive to creativity!!! Wow!!! I could just sit and look around this room for hours!

  4. Hi Amy, WOW what a great sewing room you have, I found you over at TDC, Can I come over and have you sew some things for me... LOL... Love it . have a great rest of the week and stop by some time.


  5. Great sewing room. I love the vintage sewing machines!! And the sign that says "a creative mind is never tidy" true..

    1. Thanks mother-in law practically lives in that space and I know why! I would too!


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